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Games results:
@stefen win, 6d,Ac,Ah,5h,6c vs Qd,8d,Jh,Js,Qh -> Two Pair, A's & 6's, around 0.0000015429945787800262 HBD
@darksin87 lose, Ac,7d,Ts,6d,5d vs 4s,Js,Ad,4h,5c -> Pair, 4's
@trillina lose, 9d,2h,Tc,8s,4d vs Kd,4h,Ad,2s,6d -> A High
@theroad2freedom win, Th,8d,6s,2s,6c vs As,Jc,Qc,4d,Ts -> Pair, 6's, around 0.0006371859096012899 HBD
@txrose win, 6d,Ks,Qd,2s,5c vs Td,9s,2h,Kd,8h -> K High, around 0.0002955349949777284 HBD
@millyzev win, Qs,6s,5c,6d,6h vs Qd,Td,7d,8h,5s -> Three of a Kind, 6's, around 0.005113009528886686 HBD
@hansvonkatte win, Ac,9h,Td,6c,3d vs 8c,3h,7h,9c,Qh -> A High, around 0.0000638209824924964 HBD
@podewils lose, 3h,5h,9c,Qs,7d vs Js,3s,4s,Qd,Qh -> Pair, Q's
@moonthumb lose, Js,3c,8h,Ts,9s vs Qc,Td,3h,Th,Ac -> Pair, 10's
@cryptokingzno1 win, 9s,9c,7c,6s,Td vs Ac,Kh,2c,8h,Jd -> Pair, 9's, around 0.00010147911016907663 HBD