EXODE GAME contest- Beat me and win 5 HIVE!

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why wait for rewards to be released, when we can challenge us!


I think you all heard of the incredible upcoming game EXODE (https://exodegame.com/index_ready.html).
Every day the development of the game goes on continuously. Elindos works hard to bring us a unique gaming experience closer.
Recently the starter packs could be opened and in the next days we eagerly await the opening of the contracts, until we can finally open the boosters and play the game with our own cards.
Currently the first part of the game (EVACUATION-Scene) can be played in an Alpha version with a premade crew.
So - why wait for rewards to be released, if we can't start a competition right now!

Therefore I challenge you:
The player who posts the highest score in the comments will win 5 HIVE!
The contest will run for 7 days after release of the post.

So show me your scores!

I will start with 1893 points. (This shouldn´t be very difficult to beat ;-) )

My starting conditions were not the best and I had to get 6 crew members back, which took quite some time.

After upgrading the hyperdrive 2 times the jump failed for the time being, so I thought that was it, but on the second try I was able to take off and with some cargo and 5 saved Cititzens I made the jump into the unknown.

And how about you?

If you want to know more about EXODE, check out the Discord: https://discord.gg/8qNwku
or look at the posts from @elindos or the community:

Or follow @exodenews

Get your 2 additional Boosters and 1 EPIC-Card:
If your interest is aroused and you want to become part of the Exode universe, you can use my referral code when buying in the shop: 6696587
Or follow the link: https://exodegame.com/?ref=6696587
Using it will bring you 2 additional boosters and - since I have already reached 11 referrals - ADDITIONALLY 1 EPIC-Card!
Thanks to my referres:


See you in EXODE!


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And I saw in the chat that someone had a better score than this. 😀

I know, that this score isn´t really great and easy to beat. I only want to start with. The winner is the highest score of all. Maybe i will try some times again and beat myself 😂

No man, it's not easy and yours is a very good score. Just saw the post in the promotions section and I had the screen capture from yesterday.

oh sorry, i thought it wasn´t your score above and you made a snip from someone. Than 2062 is the new score to beat!

embarrassing for me 😅

No problem mate, to tell the truth I express myself in a confusing way too many times. My english is not that good as I'd like to.

Will you try to improve your score in mean time?
I think you should be allowed to do so.

Will you try to improve your score in mean time?
I think you should be allowed to do so.

Hm, like competition you all? That sounds good; maybe when i´ll win this round, the 5 HIVE will go to jackpot and stay for next competition, until one will get it ;-)

Sweet contest dude! 👊

Was quite lucky on this one

Great Score!

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How's them apples! ;)

That was just now, after the latest round of exploits were fixed :)