Blockchain Cuties

in games •  9 months ago  (edited)

I impulse bought a Blockchain cutie
I'm sure you guys can see why?
It was 0.5EOS and I had 0.55 EOS in my account....

Too late for regrets

Here is my referral link:
You get an intro cutie, but it seems you can't use it for breeding :P

I used Metamask to login, but there are other ways too. :)

I'm not sure how to play the game. I just really liked that dragon xD

A shoutout to @elitaforce and her original Blockchain Cuties post:

My EOS: kristyglasss

Do you have any Blockchain Cuties or Crypto Kitties? :)

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Welcome to blockchain cuties Kristy!

I recently transfered some of my SBD to my blockchain cuties account to get a cutie as it is getting stale with just the intro one. We already got some for my mom yesterday and the whole process of getting the cuties and breeding them was quite fun, but soon after the Gwei grew in price and I couldn't get one on my account so I've been waiting for it to drop back to get some for myself as well. I'm glad to have you join the game!

Thanks for the shoutout! I truly appreciate it!

My address: 0x0eb47beabd9ce2cab7cbed57aa6b040975bdc1b7 :D