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Playing on STEEM has now A City Game!

Yes indeed. I am myself a fan of SimCity, therefore for me, this one is a must-try one. Still developing like any other blockchain game. But looking for supporters to try it and talk about it for sure.


I have got my mild two houses and will be grabbing some more STEEM to buy cards (the best way to get great stuff in my view).

Login options?

Currently only using STEEM Key Chain (available as a browser plugin). But later it might become more broad to basically onboard more users.

Hey, why can't this have a sort of standardized webish view and work on @esteemapp for example? Its a no brainier into the adoption thing.

Basically, what keychain is on the browser for this, @esteemapp (for example) could just be "the keychain" for this same game, allowing you to "play the game" within the app.

It's not simple I know that. Just throwing the idea of standardized development frameworks. So that any app developer could easily support anyone's app. Something alike what @openseed is trying to do.


The game logic is great. I love SIM City kind of games. Especially ON CRYPTO! But, the joy of gaming goes way beyond that. We need more visuals, like @splinterlands or Prospectors in EOS/WAX blockchain.

User interaction

One of the best gamification factors of software is communication. How people interact with each other. If I am "for example" able to just send my workers to another city and host some other cities people, then we have a "business" right?

Let me know if you got my click @steemcitysim!

Buying options

I was blasted by the fact that this could just simply use other STEEM market tokens to create a whole new economy about the game.

I value that effort and feature. Next? Cross-chain stuff... right! LOL

Please make STEEM and STEEMP more clear within the app. Also, automatic converting options, from and to SIM.

More strategy options...

I have like a ton of ideas for CITY type games. I have played SIM City 1, 2, 3, 4 and... all of them...

It comes naturally now. Especially with what I know now with blockchain.

MORE Interaction

Users get attracted to interaction. If you bring user behaviour into the app, then you get adopters bang, just right there. Imagine something as simple as moving workers to different places and getting different "work" strategies.

Ok... even more, killing a worker? (avoiding a virus spread life!) I am not kidding... There are basically endless ideas of designs. The gamification managers or product designers CAN never have anything to say... otherwise, fire them! Hire me! LOL Probably almost for free if for the fun and experience I usually like to trade-in.

Overall Outlook

I think and HOPE this one will stay for granted... around for many years. I deeply believe in the gamification of gaming INdustries... Both users and manufacturers need to adapt to the NEW here.

Play it on!

Any questions, let me know. Especially for the ones not understanding about STEEM Keychain.

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by @forykw


Ainda não joguei mas vou jogar... Há tinha visto um post sobre o jogo mas entretanto esqueci-me 😅
Já algum tempo que ando com uma ideia na cabeça sobre um jogo na STEEM, mas estou a espera dos SMTs e Openseed...
Tenho vários jogos opensource que podem ser incorporados na blockchain através destes dois modos.
Entretanto estou a criar uma plataforma para programadores, de modo a juntar a "nata" e desenvolver algo no futuro.
Como reparei que estás no mercado, estás convidado 😏

Isso é muito fixe de se ouvir. Até me estás a dar vontade de dar ao dedo e tentar esse novo bolo de “natas”...

Lol, o google translate nao vai conseguir traduzir isto bem.

Dear @forykw

I know @gerber quite well and I've seen how much time and effort he invested into building this game from the scratch. I'm glad that steem blockchain is attracting more coders and developers - especially those with vision. And gerber surely is one of them.

Visually this game isn't very impressive - however it's quite obvious to me that first projects should be simple (to avoid unnecessary costs).

Upvote on the way :) Enjoy your weekend buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Indeed @gerber has a great game puppy here. I envy the way people can funnel skills into what they see either fit or like about. I really enjoy communicating with these people and wish them the best fortunes on creating things like these.

This was one of the motivations for writing the post.

I also enjoy technology, discovery and quick learning, hence I had to go for showing this kind of work.

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I didn’t know about this but this look interesting I will check it out personally and will share experience later. Thanks for sharing about this

Glad I am making ears to my sounds. =)

Hello dear @forykw.

Most people looking for games lean towards graphics. Great images with great characters.
If this game does not work to incorporate some graphics to its UI, it will surely not attract all the users it need.

I love the fact that it encourages interaction between users. That is a great point in its favor.

Thanks for sharing.

Your friend, Juan.

@gerber will make it right. I am sure of it.

@gerber is a great developer.

Completely agree!

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Resteemed and upvoted @forykw :)

🤘 🤙 👍

The game really sounds like lot's of fun, thanks for sharing.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think about.

Not sure if it was an update or @gerber just added it up as one of the things I was arguing about, but seeing the balances right in SIM and STEEMP looks much better!


Maybe it was already there lOL Nice to see thought.

Are we supposed to pay with steem in order to play the game?

Not necessarily... if you head to the market you can get stuff on other tokens. Browse here.

Wow! There seems to be lot of games on the steem blockchain even though I am just seeing this for the first time. I actually can't wait to start playing this. The graphics and storyline or characters looks awesome. I just hope we will be able to earn more steem tokens as we play on.

Thank You for your sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕

There is a lot to try out... not sure if you are bro or a chick, but independently of you sex, welcome!

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