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RE: The TULIP Mania Game Starts Today!

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OK, finished putting the first batch of price-points onto the market. I will have a look at the top of each hour and place new tokens once the lowest price-points have sold out.


I need to go out for a couple of hours max. Have placed some extra tokens for sale.
Back soon!

Back now! Did I miss anything?

Will check in every hour. I expect this phase to be completed by about 18:00 UTC.

It's midnight here, and the auction has been rather slow - never mind. I have placed one last batch for tonight, making a total of 70,000 TULIP tokens. Tomorrow morning (my time) I shall see how sales have gone and possibly place one last large batch of tokens for sale.

I shall then announce the end of the Dutch auction phase.

Looks like this market does better when I'm asleep!

So, as indicated in my last comment, I shall post the final 30,000 TULIPS and, as mentioned in the text, being a Dutch auction, I shall fill the prices from above. Hence, I shall place 10,000 tokens each at the 3-cent, 2-cent and 1-cent price-points.

Then that's it! This is now the end of the Dutch auction phase.

I shall write a longer post later today.

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