Thicket Update: Music Improvements on Track for MVP

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Thicket Music View (Artist)

Thicket - Music Update

Artist Search View:

As a part of the MVP the ability to search for an artist via STEEM was on the list. This displays the tracks that could be cataloged and verified by the OpenSeed server.

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Currently only artist searches are allowed. Once activated, the search finds as many tracks as possible linked to the search critiera (if any) and begins to fetch and record them on the main OpenSeed server via IPFS. If the IPFS link is dead the listing is not returned. This ensures every link visible will work and will continue to work as long as the project is alive. The server will also act as a backup server for dsound (the only source that uses STEEM I know about) which should improve the playback on their site as well. We're in this together after all!

Screenshot from 20190905 184919.png
New Search

Screenshot from 20190905 184957.png
Search Return

Note: There is a slight lag when the search is first run as its looking for new tracks. I hope to hide that behind some sort of animation when the project is more stable.

Less visual updates:

  • Controls all work as needed. Play, Stop, Previous,Next.
  • Continuous play after track completes (continues down play list)
  • Better handling of tracks that haven't been cached yet but are set to play
  • General networking improvements
  • Default window size is now set to 1360x760 which "should" fit within the format on low end laptops. Enables track post to show at all times. (See Below)

Screenshot from 20190906 124352.png
Okay this one is visual too, but not as noticeable unless you are using the application

Road to MVP

Not a bad amount of updates for only 3 days since the last post (check it out). For those keeping score.


Game Developer setup
New Game dialog and initial upload of content
Payment dialog functioning
Downloading of content is reliable and maintainable.


Searching for musician via STEEM account
More interface tweaks to make sure it behaves as expected
Playlists (needs an interface to create them)
Payment dialog

I would like to say thank you to @helpiecake for curating the list I've been using to build the application. I would also like to thank all the musicians on that curated list (@nickyhavey,@skaarl,@meno,@onemedia,@lastravage,@isaria,@mariamegla,@x40l1n,@kamk,@icondark,@edprivat,@elderson,@nakedverse) for making development a musical treat.

Also, though it wont be an amazing amout, 20% of the rewards from this post will go to the @dsound account because you guys rock, and I hope that whatever comes of this project that it helps everyone from the artists to the providers.

I currently have a proposal on the proposal system. Which you can find here along with others hoping to fund their projects. Thank you in advance for your support.


Best wishes for your project, I know some singers on your list and they are truly great. I invite you one day to listen to our singers in Spanish on the PAL server, on Thursday. Good vibes.


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This is a cool project @bflanagin. I would highly recommend checking out the list of Steem musicians that received the #sonicgroove airdrop as it is the most comprehensive list of Steem musicians AFAIK. Cheers

Oh Nice! I've been meaning to see how I might be able to leverage #sonicgroove. That airdrop post is grand! Thanks!

this is nice thing that you are improving music in your track looking forward to more interesting things,

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