Openseed API - Update: Leader-boards are live

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Leader Boards

used to be Highscores

After much deliberation the leader board functions are now included in the git repo for openseed-steem-godot and I believe will give the users and developers the best mix of functionality and decentralization for future projects. The over all process should save the game developer over 50 lines of code within Godot and at least 20 on the server side.

However, the benefit lies not in how much code is saved, but how much code is now required. As an example to use the new leader board functions the game dev would use these lines of code (after importing the openseed-steem-godot files)

scores = openseed.get_leaderboard(devID,appID)




returns the leaderboard for the supplied dev and app ids. This data will need to be formatted based on the needs of the game, however a sample implementation is provided in the git repo.


Formats and sends the data to STEEM and OpenSeed where the get_leaderboard function retrieves those scores. Both functions require serveral variables to be set within the program including the posting key for the account you want to use to validate the data on STEEM. Given that this may be a security concern it would be advisable to create a "company" account and use that posting key for any game developed. Most game engines provide ways to secure sensitive data and when a suitable method is found it will be added to the library.


For testing purposes I'll be adding the repo and the code to my Godot engine port of Codebreakers (pictured below.) If all goes well there will be a tutorial written here so that others can follow suite.

Screenshot from 20190131 195157.png

New Account

As mentioned in the last post, OpenSeed is meant to be used by anyone that wants to use STEEM to augment their game without having to reinvent the same basic functions that all games require and disconnected from my own game and application projects. So I have created a new account just for this purpose (@openseed), all proceeds generated by this account will be used to further the project and help fund new projects that use OpenSeed and STEEM for network services. Also as a part of this initiative the OpenSeed account will post weekly reports based on the games and applications that use it. The hope is that though automated reports aren't considered "great" content it will give those that wish to help the project grow a way to show their support through up voting the content. It will also be the source for any information on OpenSeed and new features as well as Game Jams and other promotions once the coffers allow.

Thanks for reading, be sure to follow @openseed, @v-entertainment, for official updates on my projects.


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