ONECENT Daily Report - Random Upvote & Free TULIPs - Day 26

in game •  11 months ago 

Firstly, the numbers: our total STEEM value is currently about 1464 STEEM, including 300 STEEM within Steem Engine and a total of 15203 tokens in play. This gives ONECENT an ABV of about 9.63 STEEM cents, an increase from yesterday.

A steady day today with a decent post payout but no outstanding movement in the token market. Prices are getting battered, so ONECENT players should be happy that our price is going up, albeit slowly, but this is the advantage of actually being an asset-backed fund wrapped in a game.

I had a quick look at our SBI upvotes and note that the majority come from our delegation (84%) and then from our upvoting SBI accounts and their comments. With HF21 looming, the upvoting of comments will become an issue; their rewards are usually below what will be a pivot-point in the so-called convergent linear graph (though highly divergent if you're coming from the top downwards) and therefore will suffer a significant loss of rewards compared to the upvotes received. Sadly, the days of comment rewards will be numbered - another cheer for EIP.

@Busbecq is still giving away some free TULIP tokens for the new game starting next week. Have a look at: New TULIP Mania Token Game - 250 Free TULIPs Contest 2. There will also be a new contest posted today.

Now, to some prizes!

I shall give one 10% vote per day to a random account that appears on the Steem Engine Block Explorer.

That random player will also be added to our automatic-voter (if not already there). The upvotes won't be so high as to make them significant compared to the ONECENT token price.

So, our winner today is... @shadowspub!


I hope you find the game interesting. Please post any qustions or, better still, if you write any articles on the ONECENT experience, feel free to post a link in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

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