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If you want to join? Just tell me in the comment.

About the pool
In the beginning of May I bet 2usd in some fotballresult. Same day I said here at Hive "Comment and we split the pot". I won total 25USD. But instead of giving out the money - we go for a bigger pool. Be together - Bet together.

I will publish a post about a match. All people that has joined this bettingpool can comment what result they think it will be. 2 hours before matchstart I will make the bet - depend of what you think.

I will never bet more than 20 % of the pot. But always a minimum of 3 USD.

The rules can be change a litte - I want to learn and make good rule for all. So if you have a suggestion - tell me.

You can ALWAYS cash out and I pay in crypto to you. Steem, Hive, BTC or something else common. Some doggiecoin maybe?

Will also have contest every round. Like "Best guess get a Steemmonstercard"
Vote us up

If a blogpost get more than 1,0 in upvote - I put 0,5 to the pool

Money just now
33,5 USD
Last match won 1,5USD

Tottenham - Man United
19 June 21:15
GUESS OVER or UNDER 2,5 goals

All history
Will show next rount

@zkalemiss 10%
@chekohler 10%
@bitandi 10%
@monsterbuster 10%
@minhaz007 10%
@minimining ME 45 %
@no-advice 5%

Be in it - Or cash out before...

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Spurs at home all the way, Son and Kane are back, well I just don't like Man U so I hope they lose lol you should change your name to minigambling

It was much much more old days. Now I keep in it in this level.
you did not vote in this OVER or UNDER 2,5 goals?

I’d say over after seeing how bad the defenses were in the warm up games I expect goals

We are three votes at "more" .

And it is usually only we three that have an opinion. So I go bet now.
5 usd at over.

my suggestion is „over 2,5“


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

BET over 2,5 Now


I go for over

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