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I've been out in the snow.
I have basked in the golden glow of the sun.
I stood atop mountains peering way out into the maroon pink glow of the metropolis.
It is where big birds hatch their young.
Where the computer chip night settles.
Where rivers begin.
Today, I'm here with other prospectors.
But a digital sphere, still, let us celebrate the spirit of the journey.

In the spirit of #ProjectHope, I share this creative and inspirational platform.

Hope is not just about money. It is about freedom. Financial freedom takes a back seat to the freedom to explore life. Together, they empower us.

MMOs are a bigger deal than most people think. They provide food for discourse which does more than inspire thought. It pushes for solutions- for real change.

We will realize this when avatars replace screen names. Our MMOs and virtual worlds will be places for avatars to come alive and for humans to experience a deep level of digital expression.

Facebook has finally made the plunge. Check this out:


Hi @machnbirdsparo

I keep this frace. I loved it..

Hope is not just about money. It is about freedom. Financial freedom takes a back seat to the freedom to explore life. Together, they empower us

Great that jump from Facebook. I watched the video with my two daughters, and the first thing Dad said, it must be great to play that


Nice to know another prospector... =) I was going to make a post today, but maybe another time... since CPU is getting crazy today.

You can find me @machwire4eos in our Prospector world. Send me an in game message if you like.

I am ffoorryykkww ;)

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I have been enjoying for a while now. I am actually doing it for fun of the game.

I enjoy complex, managerial-style strategy games, so it's fun for me too. I just really need the money.

You can find me @machwire4eos in-game. Send me a message via the in-game chat if you like.

Dear @machnbirdsparo

What are MMOs? I've never heard that expression before.

ps. that's a very well done ad. I've never heard about Facebook Horizon and personally I'm still not impressed with current level of VR, however it seem that next few years will be revolutionary within this industry.

Upvote on the way :
Yours, Piotr

Massively Multiplayer Online game... =) Imagine... anything MMO...

Massively Multiplayer Online. Prospectors claims to pioneer economic strategy applications

Indeed, VR will get better. I think FB just wanted to make it fun.

With all the game currencies and digital transactions (both real and virtual), I believe Prospectors will serve as a standard for developers, especially in the VR space.

Avatars (personalized character / digital personas) will be a tremendous driving force.

Hello dear @machnbirdsparo.

Do you think MMOs are the disruptive technology that will impose the future of crypto financial freedoms?

These, in the background, are just games. So how much scalability can they have? Perhaps the answer is of unimaginable magnitudes.

Thanks for sharing.

Pd: you left us your reference link 4 times without warning.

Your Friend, Juan.

Do you think MMOs are the disruptive technology that will impose the future of crypto financial freedoms?

And emphatically even.

But not directly. Rather, avatars are replacing screen names and becoming digital personas. Where better to begin than on your Facebook page.

BTW, they aren't just games :) they are virtual worlds, places to chat, and for the more elaborate ones, expressing creative freedom.

Virtual worlds that are based on MMO (i.e. live interaction vs. programmed Q&A characters) are the future of social and can be wonderful teaching tools.

It´s amazing!

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Qué bonita frase "libertad financiera".

@machnbirdsparo, In my opinion Freedom Of Exploration brings more abundant ideas in our life. Stay blessed.

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VR has come a long way. It was always going to be the future in one way or another, and things are only getting better. Resolution, lag time, device comfort - once the combination is natural to the ordinary user it will definitely have a massive adoption rate!

It's really cool to see a large scale implementation like this.

Right! Exciting stuff.

The future is here, my friend. Is it not a bit exciting to be living the years of the turning point between past and future?

Of course, some of us cannot enjoy many of those new realities, but at least we can see that it is a new dynamic being born exactly now, in our lifetime.

Some people still don't understand how revolutionary are all these new possibilities, how they change the constitution of our societies and individual lives. From now on, our world will be a transhumanist world (with or without our consent).

I wonder constantly about the character of our future problems... Being a realist, I can foresee a cyberpunk landscape for our human conflicts.

Among my biggest concern are getting out in nature enough. We are building wall around us, and not intentionally. I run mountains (well did up north). Now I get out to my ocean once a week.