Review a Game DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!

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Hello Everyone, we are here with another task in association with State of the Dapps. Please read the UPDATED guidelines and instructions carefully before your participation. Tag your Steem friends who might be interested in doing this one.


  • All reviews should be published through OD Portal only: || Any reviews posted through Steemit or any other UI are not eligible for upvotes.


English only.




  • Every blog that meets Oracle-D requirements & guidelines mentioned in this blog will be rewarded with upvotes based at our own discretion.
  • Top 5 content pieces will get full OD upvotes.
  • All reviews should be published through OD Portal only:

NOTE: Maximum 2 content pieces per person is allowed strictly. Review of only one Steem based DApp is allowed if you are planning to do 2 reviews.


Start date: 11 - Sept- 2019
End date: 20 - Sept - 2019 (Time: Follow the deadline in the task on OD's Portal)


Share your STEEM blogs/vlogs on Twitter & Medium with hashtags mentioned in the task below. Submit the proof of social shares in #Social-Watering-Hole channel of OD's discord. Upvote & resteem this post now if you are planning to participate.


Promote and review any games DApp listed on

DApps with critic reviews NOT available already will be preferred.


PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS – Background Research

State of the ÐApps is a curated directory of Decentralized Applications, also called ÐApps, on various blockchains. It was created to categorize and showcase developed projects built on the Ethereum Blockchain, more recently they have added support for POA, EOS and Steem.


  • Watch the video Oracle-D requirements for guidelines on how to write an Oracle-D article

  • Review any Game DApp from this list on StateoftheDapps. Video or Blog reviews or both are accepted.

  • Login to the OD Portal: and publish your review. [Mandatory Step]

  • Reviewer MUST use the dapp for at least one hour in order to obtain clear user experience and understanding. Incorporate the following points in your review:

  • Make sure there is a short, interesting, relevant introduction
  • Address how to get started using the DApp.
  • Discuss the various, main components of the DApp
  • Mention the things you think are good about the DApp
  • Mention the things you think are not good about the DApp .
  • Make a conclusion or compare the DApp to other similar DApps.
  • Use high quality graphics for your images.
  • Provide a star rating for the DApp out of 5 stars.
  • Reviewer must share their experience, including constructive criticism on how the DApp could be improved. [Check TIPS Section]

  • Mention StateofTheDapps & their website’s link in every blog. It should be embedded naturally in the review story. Also mention the DApp’s details which you can find in their profiles. For ex:


#StateoftheDapps, #DAppReview, #Game. Tag @stateofthedapps in your tweets. Create one more hashtag on the basis of the name of the DApps you choose to review. For ex: If you are reviewing KARMA then the hashtag would be #Karma.

KEYPHRASES, LONG TAIL KEY WORDS AND SUBJECTS TO FOCUS ON (use only those tags that are pertinent to your content)

State of the dapps, top data dapps of 2019, Dapp review, Dapps, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


Read the following tips on how to write reviews in order to maximize the chance to win:



  • Do a Google search / watch youtube videos about how to tweet effectively!
  • Make sure there is a picture on your twitter profile.
  • Put a reasonable amount of text in the body of your tweet in order to stop it looking like spam.
  • Make sure formatting is the same for your whole tweet. Changing text and style of tweet makes it seem spammy.
  • Make sure your title is relevant to your tweet - mentioning words in the tweet title that are not relevant to the body of the tweet is confusing and will be mistaken as spam.


  • Do not put too many tags, this looks like spam and can get you banned from twitter.
  • Do not Repeat tweets.
  • Do not mention the same person / project too many times – this can be seen as spam and can get you banned from twitter.


Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc.
  • Keep your image sizes less than 200KB per image.
  • The length of the article should be between 600 to 1000 words.
  • In case you are uploading a video to YouTube, Please mention its link in the post. 3-5 mins long.
  • Share your content on various social media websites and spread the word as much as you can without spamming.
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.

|| Follow @dapplovers for future tasks ||


Hey guys this is your field so join me lets do this @aquacy, @bookoons, @ackza, @mcsamm, @anaman, @lordjames

Awesome and strategic contest from @Dapplovers, the very first on #Newsteem.
Congratulations in advance for all participants. Thank you @Oracle-d for supporting this.

Hi @Tomlee, @Maxdevalue @Evegrace @Glotokens @You34, you may find this awesome.


Another wonderful task is here... Let's do this @paultarpan @nahid1993 @tapu333 @jakir3 @salman33

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Yeah i will participate the contest,i also invite my another friends for participation.

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Thanks for inviting me

wooaw, an lovely task on board to clear the boredom. @ifeoluwa88 @burlarj @rehan12 @fredkese @paajohnny come and let's have some fun

Awaiting task from OD task after near about one month..
Now I would like to call my friend who like to participate in this contest
Thank you for your awesome task

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Thank you brother for mention my name

Fantastic task and I will share my submission shortly. I also invite @alokkumar121 @certain @ajks @madushanka @rdradhe to participate ans sometimes resteemed too.

@tykee, @mistakili, @chrisbarth, @allokumar121, @blazzers, you guys are great writers. This must not pass you by, though not the last oracle d supper. Enjoy the task.

Thanks for the mention! I appreciate 😊

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Wow! Yet another interesting task. Calling on some game dApps reviewers

@ahmmad.ismail @lorreli @wasafieastman @masum1984 @sworld86 @hnineikhaing

New task
I should need to make reference to a segment of my mates for more noteworthy introduction.
tag- @anttn @zanoni @cummins @rdxhuda @ale6grande

Another review is here guys. @tanjibb @taiuo @jeronimorubio @stephencody @victoria6 come and take a look at is.

Happy to know about the task. I will submit my entry and also call @certain @sumit71428 @ajks @reeta0119 @amar15 to take part. Thanks

This will be a marvelous survey. Much obliged to you @Dapplovers for this. I give a holler to my companions to go along with me in this.

@rocky44 @sajib1995 @mehedii @masud1 @sabbir77

Yes, it's really another great initiative and I am also planning to participate in this initiative. Also inviting my friends to participate
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Another great task of I will try to promoting I tag my friends

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Another amazing task has arrived be prepared to participate check out this amazing post for more information
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Another interesting task and I would to participate in this contest.
Come on Guys! Let's rock- @sanach, @xawi, @imaransoory, @mamun12345, @mystry360, @ xabi.

Thank You :-)

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Want to invite
to take part in this task.

Thank you for the mention. @fredkese

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thank you, I will try..

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Thanks @oracle-d for giving us the privilege to test from newsteem era, it is indeed a great pleasure. I am using this opportunity to call on @samminator @rufans @valency @ksolink @menoski to have a test of this amazing exprience

maybe you want to join,

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Another great task wow!
I would like to call my friend

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Thank you very much for giving 1 week time to complete the task.
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Another good task is here after a couple of weeks...
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Yo! Doing a DApp review on NewSteem, what an honour. Let's do this guys; @ememovic, @camzy, @illuminatus

Thanks for this wonderful information

@rehan12, @ifeoluwa88, @burlarj, @xawi. New tasks is here

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I think this is a good initiative, let us join here @sarimanok

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Another great task, I am inviting my friends @jordanlove @sembozezade @bogere @jona12

Thanks for the good info, I'll be back, and invite my friends





Hi @ridoykhan22. We asked for you not to review a game dapp that already had a critic review . Steem-monsters already has some. You are welcome to do another review of a different game dapp instead

can i make 2 reviews?

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You can but don't forget that you have to use the game for at least 1 hour to get a feel for it.

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Really great to hear this. I will hope to make my own review as quickly as possible

Really appreciate your team task. I would like to review guideline task.
I also like to invite my friends to participate in this task @fabex @sanpawar @kazi799 @taiuo34 @reeta0119 @swapsteem

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Complete the errand and gain Reward.

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Today I will submit my work and I will invite them personally as well.
Thanks for this kind of contest

Today is 20th September. But the option to post is removed should I post through general @dapplovers pls reply

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