New TULIP Mania Token Game - 8,000 Free Tokens

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TULIP is a new token that will power a new game.

Similar to ONECENT and ADDAX but bigger and better, with lots more tokens in play!

TULIP will be a game of auction and trading strategies.

The free tokens on offer will guarantee you make some money!

How easy is that?

8,000 Free TULIP Tokens

I am offering 8,000 TULIP tokens for free. However, I want to see many new players, so most tokens will be distributed by promoters.

I will be giving out 1,000 free tokens myself in the next few days - a new post about this tomorrow.

But what I'm really looking for are 7 promoters who can distribute these tokens to their followers.

Wanted: 7 TULIP Promoters

So here is how it's going to work.

I would like 7 people to promote the TULIP token and game. Each person shall receive 1,000 tokens. They can distribute them in whichever way they want, so long as it's to more than themselves. They can run a contest or randomly distribute them. I am not concerned about how it is done, just that the TULIP game will start with about a hundred people holding some stake in the game.

If you are interested in this, then just leave a comment below. I will have a look at your blog and, if selected, I will send 100 TULIP tokens as a goodwill gesture. Then, when I see the TULIP promotion post and how it is run, then I will send the remaining 900 TULIP tokens.

The TULIP promoter is expected to take a cut from the 1,000 tokens being offered.

The numbers have been calculated so that the free token-holders have a head start but do not completely skew the token distribution once the game starts.

The TULIP tokens have a nominal value of 1 cent, so 1,000 tokens are worth 10 STEEM at the start, but if you look at either the ONECENT or ADDAX games you will see that they can go much higher.

That's it!

When Will TULIP Start?

I have pencilled in next Thursday, 8th August, but it could be as late as Sunday the 11th August. It really depends on how quickly these 8,000 tokens find a home.

How Will the TULIP Game Work?

TULIP is an evolution from ONECENT and ADDAX. To best understand TULIP, please take a look at the posts and the Steem Engine markets for both ONECENT and ADDAX.

The rules for TULIP will be different but the general structure and strategies will be similar.

The TULIP game is scheduled to last 28 days.

Any questions about promoting the TULIP tokens, then please ask in a comment. Any questions about the game itself best wait till I publish the rules.


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ONECENT: The First Strategic Token Investment Game (STIG)



I am very interested in promoting these trading and investment games - combined with your other projects they work quite well together!

Hi, that's great, please leave another message here when you post the promo.
100 TULIPs sent!

I'm interested in helping to promoting the TULIP. If selected I would post a contest to award the Tulips!

Hi, did I miss you out! And I thought I sent you some TULIPs - maybe was a contest.

Yes, please :-) another 100 TULIPs sent. The other 900 when you post a link to the contest. Have fun!

Thanks, I will put together a contest and post it tomorrow.

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If it's not too late, I'd like to participate on promoting TULIP.

I'm interested in promoting TULIP.

Hi, if you can post on whaleshares too, that would be great.
Have sent you 100 TULIPs - please post a link here once the promo article is posted and will send you the extra 900.

Hi, I don't see any posts about TULIPs. You may, of course, keep the 100 TULIPs already sent.

mmm... you're giving people just 5 TULIPs each. That's OK, but how are you ever going to reach 900? Also, the post has no links to any TULIP posts.

Given the lateness of this, I think I'm being generous here and will send you half of what was offered 5 days ago - am sending you 450 TULIPs to cover your prizes. Thanks.

Posted on whaleshares, weku, bearshares, jamaa, weyoume, golos and publish0x. In case I have people from all over, how do I distribute 100 tulips to everyone.

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Thought I was to distribute the 100 I got, but I've received all the 500 so I will send 20 Each instead.

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Ah, must have been a misunderstanding then, please look back. I was going to send you an extra 900 once the post was made. The initial 100 was just a thank-you so that promoters would have something to motivate posting.

OK, never mind. yeah 20 each sounds great. And keep some for yourself ;-)
Thanks again.
Game starts in under an hour but don't worry, can distribute freebies during the next 24 hours will be fine.


Sorry for the delay

I am interested! Great name and great game plan… I have a Great following of interested players from some of your other projects. Will probably distribute to the most active steem engine Friends but may also do a contest post.

Hi, thanks! A post would be better to spread interest, even if the distribution is random!
100 TULIPs sent!
Please post a link to the post, even if it isn't a contest.

Great, thank you!

Hey there @busbecq, welcome to STEEM. If you join @schoolofminnows, you can receive votes for free.
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4. The whole thing is FREE.
To join follow this link:

I am interested in being a promoter. If selected, I intend to give away some tokens as bonus prizes to my current Q-Pop contest and some I'll distribute to my Discord contacts. I will keep no more than 5% of the tokens for myself.

That's great @eturnerx, will send you 100 TULIPs!
Are those contests already running? If so can send you the full 1000.

The contest is already running. Do you want me to hold off distributing the TULIP until the game begins?

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No, that's fine, distribute whenever best - no danger of any harm by holding TULIPs!

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Resteemed to my 7000 followers! I am interested in promoting the game. I would allow people to exchange POCKET tokens for the TULIP tokens. So I would try to get the POCKET token community excited about this new game.

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Ah... punsters! I inflict them on my daughter - she may groan at the time but her language skills are excellent ;-)

OK, please send a link once a post is done. I see you give out SBIs too, so could be bundled into your normal schedule of posts.

100 TULIPs sent!

Great, sent you the remaining 900 TULIPS late last night before retiring; this is just to verify. Thanks!

Oh, I will make a promo post about it, very interesting.

Hi @olivia08, thanks for the offer.
I have one question, though: you still have an unstaked MAPX token from some weeks ago, and you told me you don't have access to Steem Engine. Is that still the case or can you use SE now?

I already opened my steem.engine, yes I want to stake my MAPX, please tell me how?

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Hi, just find MAPX in your SE Wallet and click the stake button on the far right - the padlock icon :-)
To unstake, a new open-padlock icon will appear - takes just 2 days.

OK then... 100 TULIPs on their way. The other 900 when you post a link to the promo post. Thanks a lot!

Wow, thank you and l will be there in SE.

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Done staking

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Cool, welcome on board the steem engine!

It's good to know these projects really exists and is good to promote while being rewarded , goodluck and more power.

Thanks for your kind words.
You can be the first in my random walk today :-)
10 TULIPs sent to you!

Woahh Great idea love this, I'll be promoting this for more visibility and supporters of this awesome token.

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Thanks, sent you 100 TULIPs to start you off; please post a link to your promo article and then Ill send you the remaining 900!

Hi, you have had 5 days in which to post about TULIPs but I see nothing. You may, of course, keep the 100 TULIPs already sent.

Its a good project to join, hoping for more developments and future assets

I'll promote it for you..... but I would like to either be approved or denied before I create my post advertising your game.

I would create a simple giveaway that rewards my readers with a specific amount of tokens (likely ten each until at least 500 are gone or your game starts). My topic would include some info about what the tokens are for and some of the same links you provided in this post.

Sure, no problem. Was really just a 2-step process as there are users I have never interacted with before. Don't really wish to see 1000 tokens going into someone's alts!

But that's great, thanks, will send you the TULIPs now!

Excellent, I will have the post/giveaway up before days end.

Post has been created. Let me know if you would like any of the details changed or if you have something else you would like me to add in.

There's A New Game In Town (Free Tokens Inside)

Great, I commented on your post - good to see so much activity.

Nice, I just seen and responded to your comment.

I knew we would get lots of responses.

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@ankarlie @fycee @allerie00 please check this out!

It seems like I am late to the game, if that's not the case, I would love to be a part of this promotion.

Hi, how and where would you promote it?

I could have some more TULIPs... although just 4 days to go.

I have accounts on different cryptocurrency and blockchain based platforms, but if TULIPs are only Steem BC based then, I think, it would be nice to promote it on Steem and Discord.

I am also active on twitter, pinterest, reddit. But, it would be better if you tell me where do you want it to be promoted?

I'll leave it up to you - my only real aim is to widen participation beyond those users playing the two existing games.

I've sent you 100 TULIPs and look forward to seeing what you do. Please post links to any articles for the extra 900.

Also, and this applies to the other promoters too, even if the TULIP game has already started there is no problem in continuing to distribute any outstanding tokens. The "start" of this new game will actually take about 24 hours to complete.

Great, I'll get back to you, soon.

Hi, I don't see any posts, just resteems. You may, of course, keep the 100 TULIPs already sent.

My apologies, I couldn't find time to write something good. I don't like to share an average post with no specific message for promotion purposes or to show my appreciation.

Those 100 TULIP tokens are not mine to keep, thanks for your offer though. I cannot fulfill my promise, so I have sent them back to you.

I am keeping 20 tokens, you sent me as a gift, though, and would be playing this interesting game and availing this excellent opportunity with them.

Once again my extremely humble apologies and wish you and the participants of the game, GOOD LUCK.

Have a very wonderful day ahead.

Thanks a lot for you candour and grace.
I'm sending you 20 TULIPs extra to play with.

 last year 

dont understand how half these games work, but if this one is simple i might play.

I reckon I could distribute to a few people if the people you have sent 100 to haven't followed through with the offer but if not no worries

Yes, thank you, I do now have a short list of backup promoters. As you say, if some don't follow-through...
I'll add you to that, and also good to have a list for future games.

I think it's a great opportunity to win TULIP tokens and at the same time to help other steemians who need some support!
Let's record with the referral program you can always invite new friends to join and they can also be favored!