ADDAX Game Over! Collect Your Profits - Think About the Future - Day 31 of 28

in game •  9 months ago  (edited)

The ADDAX trading game is over!

We have almost completed the final token payout; I think only two users left to fully cash-out.

Unfortunately, there seem to be users who see it as their sport to disrupt token markets that appear to be either inactive or almost empty. As you all know, it looks empty because we have just finished the first ADDAX game and I didn't want to leave any token sales in the market precisely in case some random drop-in thinks the prices look a bargain.

So this is really a reminder that before buying any tokens, the absolute bare minimum due diligence is to look at - and read - the token info pop-up on Steem Engine and follow the website link to read any updates. Anything that appears to be unmanaged probably is.

Anyway, I have added a little token sale at 10 STEEM and look forward to anyone who wishes to bite at that bait.

One other thing that has suddenly happened is that the @addax account's VP has plummeted to 8% - eight percent! This was due to an undelegation that I wish to use elsewhere, but is another reminder of how ridiculous some of the blockchain rules really are. I mean, it looks as if by undelegating I have removed all the RC that came with the SP, which assumes none of it has been used. That's stupid. If my VP is at, say, 80% then all delegators should share in the burden of having 20% of their RC used up. This is especially stupid as the undelegated SP has 5 days of non-use to recharge itself. Oh well, but do remember this if you're shuffling delegations around.

Just a reminder of our final numbers:

The fund closed at 1195 STEEM, with 22,703 tokens in the game this gives an ABV of exactly 5.264 STEEM cents, or 0.05264 STEEM.

I assume everybody has had their particular experience of #newsteem thus far. The problem with reacting to experiences is that it's too late - the changes have been made, few complained at the time, even fewer explained what was going to happen coherently.

This is a blockchain that is governed by code, by logic and by mathematics; the blockchain doesn't care about you or me - it just processess code. So to test the experience before actually having it is important. Testing the functionality of the code on a testnet is not exactly the same as testing whether the model is any good or not. Now, for example, let's see where your 10% steem taxes go and who benefits. Then you will understand the purpose of the new model steem. Then you may even start to see where this is all going months further down the road. It is all very simple once you stop believing the chainlords.

Enjoy your profits!

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This game was a nice round of profits for myself. Now that I understand a bit better how things work, I'm looking forward to your next project.

Yes, have heard similar thoughts expressed by others. Bodes well for Round 2, but with just 6 days left I think I will let TULIPS finish too. That cashing-out process might be slower, depending on how many people are paying attention.