ADDAX Game Over! Collect Your Profits - Day 30 of 28

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The ADDAX trading game is over!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part. We're into the last phase of profit-distribution - all running smoothly so far.

A gentle reminder to a few players that the ADDAX game is over and you need to sell your ADDAX tokens: @stever82, @ecoinstant and @oscarps.

I have just created some more token buy-back orders. Was just waiting for our MAPX tokens to unstake and then sell them.

Just a reminder of our final numbers:

The fund closed at 1195 STEEM, with 22,703 tokens in the game this gives an ABV of exactly 5.264 STEEM cents, or 0.05264 STEEM.

On Day 2, once token sales had settled down, the ABV was 0.03925. So, after 26 days the ABV has increased by 0.01339 STEEM, or by 25.4%. Not such a bad return: almost exactly 1% per day!

So, how was HF21 for you?

There was a problem with API servers, so there was a silent gap of about 7 hours. This didn't hugely affect ADDAX as we are not an upvote service and the game had finished anyway.

The future?

I hope to restart ADDAX with a fresh distribution and a new, hopefully more efficient, starting method. My one slight concern is whether there are enough interested people to make this a truly interactive game. As you have seen, the game develops by itself and does not need many players, however, without the trading interaction you may as well invest in MAPR tokens!

I don't want to have any buy-ins, I think that just confused the market and was a lot of manual work. So the only way to judge potential interest is to open a new game and allow open buy orders to be placed; this is what happened with TULIP and that part of it worked well.

Give me a few days to think it over.

If you have any thoughts on the game, please just let me know in a comment.

Enjoy your profits!

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Thanks the game was a bit confusing but I made a little steem.

Great, I see you cashed out.
In what way was it confusing?

Poorly said by me. It was more than I didn't follow up. So I lost track of what was going on in the game.

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