ADDAX Game Over! Collect Your Profits - Day 29 of 28

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The ADDAX trading game is over!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part. Let's hope this profit-distribution phase is quick and painless.

Firstly, some good new. If you look back to the earliest posts, you will see that I mention that the final price will include an estimate of earnings going forwards the next 7 days; especially the post rewards for recent articles. I suspect many will have forgotten this, but it is like an extra bonus for holding tokens till the end.

However, due to exquisite timing, today is also the start of HF21 and the EIP. I have thought long and hard about this and decided I will just calculate an estimate based on what the EIP is meant to change. We have very little in the way of curation rewards; it is mainly author rewards. Estimating future curation rewards is not as simple as just doubling them as they each depend on the final post rewards generated. In contrast, author rewards can quite easily be scaled down.

I don't really wish to be out of pocket for miscalculating something that is a player bonus, so if this proves to be horribly inaccurate I reserve the right to change this after I see the rewards actually being paid out. This will be evident within 24 hours of HF21 kicking in.

So... as a final bonus I am adding 15 STEEM to the fund.

This makes the final numbers: the fund closes at 1195 STEEM, with 22,703 tokens in the game this gives an ABV of exactly 5.264 STEEM cents, or 0.05264 STEEM.

On Day 2, once token sales had settled down, the ABV was 0.03925. So, after 26 days the ABV has increased by 0.01339 STEEM, or by 25.4%. Not such a bad return: almost exactly 1% per day!

Some procedural matters.

I have removed some of the price-points closest to the final price. I cannot stop players trading during this period so there is no point in making any rules about this. I will place token buy-back orders at 0.05264 STEEM and it is up to each player to sell his or her holdings. If all available STEEMP has temporarily run out then please check back later to see if more buy-back tokens are available.

A few things need to await sales but ADDAX can usually trade with the MAP FinTech management account to speed things up. The SP in the @addax account will be left there for the next game and the equivalent sum will be funded by the same management account. Any extra monies or rewards coming in from now on will remain the property of ADDAX; I have already added an estimate to the final closing price.

I shall continue to post daily to track this closing period and to announce when all tokens have been bought back.

If you have any questions or issues, please just ask in a comment.

Enjoy your profits!

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My thanks to the game master and my congratulations to my fellow players. I hope you all profitted from the game somehow.

Thanks! :-)

very few usernames now left who hold tokens they need to sell. Just a reminder that if you do not see any price-point at 0.05264 STEEM, it just means they have sold out and will be replenished tomorrow once we unstake and sell our MAPX holding.

I am curious, will you reuse the addax token for a future game?
After all the token will be almost like new once the pay-back finished, so there would be no reason to scrap it all.

Yes, a new game will start soon. Just waiting for some feedback. ADDAX didn't have as many players as ONECENT or TULIPS, so wonder if too many games running in parallel; although ADDAX has actually been the most profitable of the three!