ADDAX Daily Report - Free Upvote and MAXUV Token Launch - Day 27 of 28

in game •  9 months ago 

The numbers first: the fund is up modestly at 1152 STEEM (+5 STEEM), with 22,703 tokens in the game this gives an ABV of about 5.07 STEEM cents - slightly up on yesterday.

Just under 2 more days of activity left! ADDAX is doing well and I am preparing for the final distribution.

Yesterday, I placed an open order to sell tokens at the ABV, but nobody seemed to care so I shan't bother today.

The ADDAX game started on 30 July at about 1:00 AM UTC and so will finish on 27 August at the same time. Note that HF21 kicks in at 11 AM EDT, so about half a day later.

MAXUV promotional tokens will finish on the 27th, so worth stocking up now.

Just as a reminder, here is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Let me know what you think.

Now on to today's random upvote! Our VP is not huge, but still makes some nice bonuses.

Today's random upvote goes to... @abrockman. Congratulations!

Roll on Tuesday!

Feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy the ADDAX trading game!

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well shit, missed the sell order at ABV. I've been checking the market every day or so to try and get some of mine sold. I will keep checking and might just list my coins at ABV to see what happens.

Ah OK, just saw this. These things happen with such a thin market - I just thought having come thus far everyone was waiting for the final payout.

Just under 24 hours to go (as of writing) so almost there :-)

I think profits are quite good for these short games as the overall fund size is not huge so that every STEEM of profit is a decent % compared to much larger funds, such as MAPR.