Scary Vision

in #futurelast year

I was sitting out in the backyard tonight, letting my thoughts wander and I came up with some eerie forecasts for the future

I imagine a time in the not too distant future where "our attention" and the value of data that an be extracted from it will force a flip. Instead of PAYING for subscriptions to media services like Netflix and Hulu- a company will step in and PAY YOU a monthly income to consume content. They will offer you a free device (like a T.V or Tablet) (Like postmates gives you a free bag) that will come equipped with facial and eye recognition (and will most likely have other measuring capabilities such as body temperature/infrared- and yes I will go as far as an early attempt at "mind reading" software) to track and "make sure you are watching" . And the cycle will continue where they sell that data to advertising companies that now have an even greater return on investment in that there are more "data points" on you. So in a sense, this will turn into an almost natural "universal basic income"- and in return users are getting brainwashed by an even more force fed content generator. People will literally be forced to watch whatever the company decides in order to get enough money to feed themselves and their families. But of course they will market it as "the coolest job in the world" "Get PAID to watch content!"
"Free will" will continue to drift off into a distant memory.

Sorry for the glum outlook- I just follow the trajectory of what I see everyday, and come to conclusions based on where the trajectory is headed.

Thanks for listening.


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