What does the future hold for us? | My feelings about Steem

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Change is bad, it brings uncertainty. We feel safer and more secure in a place we are familiar with, even if something else could be better. The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.

I could go on for hours. A lot of negative implications are linked to change, evolution is a hard concept to grasp because as human beings, we crave security and safety.

Having to change schools, try out a new job, move to a different city, hell, even trying out a foreign weird dish could represent a challenge for us. It is engraved on our monkey brain that familiarity, routine and things staying the same are linked with safety.

I have been using the Steem Blockchain for almost three years

I feel at home on Steem, or at least I used to feel at home. Steem and it's dApps were my first real contact with cryptocurrency and they opened my eyes and widened my horizon regarding all the posibilities the Blockchain Technology holds for us. Steem made me realize that there's a whole different world here, full of oportunities to learn new skills, develop old ones, to meet people, get the hold of new ways of interacting with people and much more.

Steem allowed me to learn and become familiar with homesteading, anarchy, anti-big government, homeschooling, travel blogs... damn, it even gave me the chance to develop my writing skills to the point where I feel pretty comfortable writing short stories for myself and to have people reading them in real life.

But I don't feel at home at Steem anymore.

I think I don't even need to mention why, in fact, I don't want to use this post to talk about the recent events involving the Steem Blockchain or the new actors in place.

I want change. Well no, I don't want change. I actually want evolution. I want a 2.0

I want what this place gave me, but without all the negative aspects of it. I need a space like the one I used to have here, but without all the economic problems this place has. I crave a Blockchain that has a decentralized leadership and that is run by the community, for the community and protecting the interests of the community. I desire a token that it's price is not subject to a single entity's mood and the chain development is not up to a single team's abilities and capacity.

Imagine if we had the chance to be part of a new Blockchain that holds a copy of everything we have written on Steem, how many posts we have, how many tokens we hold, who we follow and who follows us back, the transaction history... in short, everything we have on Steem, but without the negative parts alredy mentioned?

Imagine the dream of what Steem used to be, what we wanted it be, now continued, improved and ready for us to populate it.

Change is not bad. At least not in this scenario

I wouldn't mind changing my home. In fact, I wouldn't mind at all leaving the Steem Blockchain and start my new life in a new one, provided that it gave me everything I mentioned above.

Evolution is not bad, it shouldn't scare us, in fact we should embrace it.

Do you want to know the best part of all this?

That new home that I'm talking about, could be on the very next corner, and I'm about to jump in full force into it. I hope you're ready for it and you decide to come with me.

This is the very first picture I took for Steem. It feels right to use it for this post. Damn, it's been almost three years since I took this.

It will for sure be hard to start my life in another Blockchain, but to be honest, I'm very excited and looking forward to do it.

In the meantime, I will keep writing here to keep in touch with you guys, the very heart of this blockchain. The community is the most important part of Steem, and I can't wait for all of us to find a new home where we are valued, protected and our opinion is actually listened to.


It’s going to be nice to shed the negativity of the past as far as the ninja stake, STInc, Ned and newly Justin and continue what we have here, in a better environment.

Side note, I’m also interested to see what the apps name themselves. Steempeak is an awesome name but would need to shed the name, I think, for the new environment. Will be interesting to see what people come up with!

We will do good in the new chain. I'm also very sure some smart ones would automate to sync our work from new chain back to steem 🥰 I guess, I see you there? Cheers buddy. !tip

I know exactly what you mean about not feeling at home here anymore, time to move on.

Hive Onboarding it is then!

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Thank you for all your investment here, I hope we'll all be Happy in the new phase opening for steem.

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Please, expecting your curation.

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Will definitely make the jump too, though I'm a bit worried about finding my feet all over again on a new blockchain!

That's my concern too but it will be a new challenge for sure.

You know what's changed too? you shed some pounds 😆

Not all change are bad,I think, most are ready 🤗


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Saludos mi bello. No tengo miedo a cambiarme de casa, no sé si llamarlo temor pero lo preocupante para mí es hacer la maleta y que se me quede algo que tal vez me haga falta. Confío en que den tiempo para preparar las cosas y nos indiquen previamente lo qué debemos hacer.

I am also excited about this and I think it way more big than steem because it is coming without ninja mine stake

Changing can be hard because the future is uncertain but one thing is certain: this over here is not how it used to be. Moving on is most likely the right thing to do.
See you :)

This change does not seem to be bad infact good because we all want it. Excitement is on..

I know what you mean, about "no longer feeling at home" here; for quite some time there has been this background feeling that whereas I want to be part of this community, I have also been considering my "what's the POINT?" feelings, mostly centered on all the broken promises and non-communication from Steemit, Inc.

The arrival of JS offered about 48 hours of hopefulness, and then the shitshow began as we started to see the true colors of what was about to happen.

So yes, I am also excited about the new possibilities offered by a new chain...

The promoters have created great expectations.

I'm sure everything will be fine. It's up to all of us to make it happen.

Imagine if we had the chance to be part of a new Blockchain that holds a copy of everything we have written on Steem, how many posts we have, how many tokens we hold, who we follow and who follows us back, the transaction history... in short, everything we have on Steem, but without the negative parts alredy mentioned?

I can imagine it! Dream it...

Hello @anomadsoul, touching article, situations happen everywhere, but really human beings have that hope, creativity to reinvent themselves, get out of cumbersome situations and above all overcome obstacles. We continue to encourage, create, hope but above all willing to be guided to help us with so many doubts, but, feeling that everything will be for the better. Many friendships, balancing emotions by this platform of the healthiest way. Tremendous distraction very healthy and safe. A fraternal hug. Awaiting their contributions in the short, medium and long term.

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