Wings of a Bird and a Basket of Dog, Life Lesson and Feathered Friday w/@melinda010100

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Lesson One

Headline reads Humans May One Day Time Travel Through Wormholes.

Groovy. I cancel my trip to the Caribbean, throw my flip flops and swim suit back in the closet, and instead unearth my mother's old bell bottoms and a shovel. I'm going to 1969, baby. Can you dig it?

You say, No, you cannot dig it. You tell me that wormholes aren't dug or real. I should return to the present and that I do not deserve that trip to the Caribbean on the account of my stupidity, but have a good time anyway.

But, but, ... the headline, man, the headline

26998719449_eff12d50a3_b (1).jpg
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Turns out words like MAY, MIGHT, and CAN even, don't mean WILL or DOES. The headline was actually supposition and not actual reality. And that yes, I may be too stupid to understand the theoretical ins and outs of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge through time/space.

Your thinking now about how my little pantomine is related to you. hmm...

Or I got you thinking, Where are the damn birds, Pryde. This is suppose to be a #featherfriday post. Melinda is not impressed. Show us the damn birds, already. I came for the birds.

Alright, alright, I say, channeling my best McConaughey. Peace Brother. Here are the birds.


Here we have two blue herons ... no wait, two Canada geese? What? I'm still not right. Come on. Everyone knows birds of a feather flock together. Where did I go wrong?

This is so confusing. I am just going to go dog shopping to cool my brain.

IMG_7928 (1).jpg

(Here is a little #marketfriday for you too, hosted by @dswigle. Look for my full one on Saturday. Yeah, I am like that.)

Lesson 2

Just because two birds are found together, does not mean they are related. Just because a dog is found in a shopping basket, does not mean he is for sale. Link between or correlation with ... when said in the media, that means on here too, is a fancy and scientific way of saying a coincidence was noted. Further study is needed to determine if there is a relation. There's probably none, like 99 percent of cases.

Take home message.

Do not base your opinions or, Dog forbid, life choices on supposition and coincidence. The wormhole travel agents and geese masquerading as herons are counting on you too do so. They want your money or they want your fear and anger so they can manipulate you, to get your money.

It is a dog eat vegan dog food world out there. Be careful, be wise, think twice, and change nothing. Well, change your underwear.


Unless otherwise noted, the photos were mine.

Does anyone know where I can get a really large, and I mean really large shopping basket? I am on the hunt for a Mountain Bernese. it's rough.


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Hahaha! I was worried. Thanks for the birds... BUT, wait? Are you telling me that you took that bird photo in 1969? 😳😂

Haha. I am not telling you I didn't. LOL #foxmulderisabade

I laughed a couple of time at your dry humor...loved it.

Thank you, Willow:)

Haha Pryde. Love your quick dry humour.

Thanks, Jo:)

This would make a good video or podcast, Pryde.

Thanks, Denise. Finding the time is the challenge:)

Always have a smile and a giggle or is it gaggle, at your writing :)

Thanks, Ray:)