Traditional Holiday Succulents w/ @dswigle and @kus-knee

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Traditional Holiday Succulents



I am getting so excited. My good friend and fellow steemian, @dswigle, has reminded me that Christmas in​ July is just 8 days away.

To mark the occasion, @kus-knee is holding a contest for the best decoration and holiday fare shots.

We all know that nothing says Christmas like succulents. So put down your 4th of July hotdogs or plant-based peadogs and feast your eyes on these puppies.

Here is a bowl of savory that even #tasteem enthusiast couldn't say no to. And it's green​ so it must be good for you.


I don't know about you but my mouth is watering. Just think of all the fiber!

IMG_8181 (1).jpg

Christmas isn't Christmas without decorations. Nothing decks the halls like succulent tails and dead urchins.

Please sir, can I have some more?

Absolutely. On July 13th, we will eat the tree. It's better than candy canes.

If you are in Australia and observe Orthodox Christmas (July 25) feel free to wait. Succulents keep.


All photos are my own.

A Merry July Christmas to all. Don't forget to hang your crocs on the 11th before going to bed. You wouldn't want to miss out on the chocolate-covered grasshoppers and malted-mint mealworms. Yum!


Aren't you so sweet for giving me an awesome shoutout!?? Thank you! And I appreciate the fact that you alerted more to the fact that next Friday, and isn't it so cool that it falls on #MarketFriday????

Is that like the best coincidence every????

Yes, Martha! Yes, it is! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Well, Santa, perhaps a little something-something in my Christmas stocking... but, hey! You asked!

Now, I will have to go check out Kus-knees post~ You know how far behind I am . Sadly!!! I want to thank you and your suck-u-lents. They are turly bee-you-f-i-ful! Betcha by golly, wow.

Thank you! Muchly, in fact! I got a shout out, permission to eat my greens and share my grass hopped up insects! I love you. Pryde! You are the best!

Merry Christmas almost!!!

Ps...Do not sit on that Jolly old guy's lap, without a magazine between you. Sister Alice Mary taught us that, a lesson I will never forget.

I just like to pass on the wisdom and blessings. Have a great night! Thank you again!!

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Oh, no!!! I ran to the bank and put more money in! Let's try this again!


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Haha. Yes. I am behind too. Best way to deal is to take a couple of days off and focus on something else. Happy Holidays, Denise:)

Well, doesn't that stink! Tipu broke last night and was bouncing tips all over then sending back your money... Oi!

So, that halted my finishing up of MarketFriday. Oh, well! Perhaps today! If I take any more days off from here, people will think I quit! LOL

Hi, Pryde! Hope you are having a great day!

I think there is something in the air. A lot of ppl are taking a long weekend without leaving away from the desk messages. Makes the rest of us feel abandoned. LOL. Give it a day or two and things will be back to normal:)

Here is one more succulent that might help you out.

Haha!! I just came back to find you today (again) and you have abandoned me!!!! Wah!!!!! Where have you been posting ??

'Fess up!

Now pour me some Tequila!!!!!


Not been posting much at all. Honest. Just writing writing writing:):):)

Well, you are duly excused. Sort of. Now go to your room until you feel like posting.

Hop to it, Missy!

!tip worthy advice... write faster!

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Absolutely brilliant! This just made my day.

Thanks, @wwwiebe. It was fun to write:)

I live those air plant hanging as a jellyfish.

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Thank you, anaerwu:)

These are such beautiful puppies @prydefoltz!!
Love those jellyfish urchins, what a cool idea!!!
Awesome to see so many succulents coming
across the feed! :-)

Haha. Thank you, Shasta:)

An amusing post. Query: What the heck is that unearthly-looking "succulent tails" plant? You're an alien, aren't you… I KNEW it! 👽

Only when I travel:):):)

It's an air succulent in an urchin shell.



Hmm I'm not so sure if I would go with that lol! But merry july christmas anyway 😁

Cactus is also nice but it can be a bit bony. LOL

Too funny! But wonderful succulents!

Thank you, Melinda:)

Too funny! Love the last photo. Pryde.

Thank you, Jo:)

That cracked me up. And now, I'm in the spirit big time. And that's a 'twist'. Couldn't resist. Can you actually eat succulents? Or am I just very gullible. I KNOW you can east Malted Mint Mealworms. They're GRA-AAAATE! Your air plants in Echinodermata houses are classic. Did you make those? So creative, as is this whole post. Cheers on a Saturday night.

No. I wish I could claim the air succulent in a sea urchin idea. A nearby flower shop had all the wares. Really this could have been a #marketfriday post. And yes, if you have 3 stomachs, you can eat them all. LOL. There are few described as edible and you could eat a few succulents out there in a pinch. Most of them seem to be in the cactus family. They include aloe but I am of a mind that yes, you can eat them and won't die but given the flavor of aloe, I don't think we are actually designed to eat them. That said fermented they have a certain charm.

Those are so creative. I think you should do a post.
Three stomachs, eh? Not quite there yet. If only, then I could eat cacti. Though you can fry up many of them. HH has taught me that. And you reminded me of a classic day at University. I think I shall do a post about it. But our professor got very excited about a cow stomach, and ended up ruining his tie.

Ah, Tequila. How many times in my life have I danced to that priceless tune? Usually at weddings and such, and occasionally with the influence of some fermented agave. Though truth be told, most dancing was lubricated in the physical/mental realm more by fermented hops. That tequila stuff has some oompff to it. (I often needed at least 12 ounces of liquid courage to push me out to the floor, to perform my best Elaine moves, and not have a care what the general crowd thought. )
Don't tell anyone please.

No, I won't tell anyone. I'll EVERYONE:)

He hee, methinks such play on words could get one in trouble every now and then...

Oh, it does. A sense of humor is not as widespread as you might think.

I'm afraid you are right about that. Sadly.

Very succulent indeed!

Thank you, Kus-Knee:)

Nice and funny post.

Thank you, Kam:)

So what do you want for Christmas in July????

World peace and more Pal mana:)

These are very beautiful plants.
With the plants a good decoration can be made.
Thank you for your beautiful article.
Best wishes.

Hi @prydefoltz how are you hope all is good with you and family i see you haven't been active :)

Thanks,​ Hangin,

I am well just working on a book. Give me a few weeks and I will be up and running:)

Good to know your ok and wishing all the best of luck with your book be seeing you soon....Cheers :)

I miss you!

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