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The timing of the eventual demise may be slightly off, but other than that, no words needed...


And yes I realize that the birth date is off by a few hundred years, but the point remains...

The dollar is not hard money and it will eventually reach its demise.

And bitcoin will likely be standing over its grave.

Stay informed my friends.


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I think the birth date is referring to when Nixon took us off the gold standard and turned USD into what is essentially government-issued Monopoly money 💸

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agree, it is a gold-shock date

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I agree with you!

Ah yes, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for pointing that out.

Funny meme 😂

I've been telling USD is taking its last breaths a long time already... Same will happen to EUR eventually. I hope my own cryptocurrency has better future though...

Get it on some exchanges!

It's already listed on one small exchange... I don't think it will take many days until it has more trading volume than all the other coins together...

Beautiful meme

This will never happen.... unfortunately

Never say never.

Sovereign-based digital currency will become the universal norm in the not too distant future.

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