Monopoly taught us more about life than we knew...

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It turns out Monopoly taught us about the current financial system more than we ever knew

The bank never runs out of money, it just prints more.

It's right there on the game!


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Mind you this was long before QE ever was implemented in the US.

Perhaps we should have expected it all along.


@jondoe, In my opinion they just stop the Circulation Of Money whenever they want. Hope that Cryptocurrency Space will completely free us from these chains one day. Stay blessed.

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Dear @jondoe

All the reason I give your words, I also think the same. Monopoly definitely teaches a lot about the financial system.
This Christmas my nephews gave him a Monopoly and played with my two daughters and other cousins, now my daughters do not stop talking about that game that you like very much.

As they do not have a monopoly they unloaded one and now managed to make their own monopoly.

Very recently they asked me how the bank makes money, it was not easy to explain that. My oldest daughter is 11 years old and the youngest is only 9. It was not easy to bring financial terms for them to understand, but from that game I think they understand.

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Greetings friend from Venezuela.

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