Funny Construction And Advertising Fails

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

Short on time today so this is a total fluff piece I admit. lol. I collect funny photos and here's a few of them, most on this post are construction fails. I hope they give you a chuckle.

Don't ya think the contractor would ask why there's no door before installing this balcony?


I can't even guess about this one. lol:


I put this one in my redneck signs post the other day but I didn't notice that the steps going up on the right go into a brick wall!


Duct tape is strong but not even duct tape is THAT strong!

duct tape pole.v1 (1)-768w.jpg

You tellin me the ad agency didn't know what this sounds like?? lol.


This is brilliant. I suppose this is supposed to make it harder to break into?


I wonder how much this handy walkway cost?


Okay this one isn't construction or advertising but it IS an epic fail. It was an emergency, a Big Mac Attack!


This is hard to believe but I wonder if it got more attention for the store than a regular billboard would?


I hope they don't sell tickets for this seat!

source comment!


The world's worst bathroom stalls, what were they thinking?:


These aren't quite as bad but still..


Oh no, that ain't even funny!


Look at the name of this school. lol..

thats bad planning (1).v1 (1)-768w.jpg

Hey give 'em a break, that's a big least they have all the right letters:


Last but sure not least:



Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- In yesterday's post I included a brain teaser which the article said the record for finding the hidden item in a picture was 9 seconds.

Well, Steemians are much sharper than that. Except me. But the great sirs @kaminchan, @glenalbrethsen, @fotosdenada and also the amazing @melinda010100 all beat that record time.

In fact @kaminchan only took 2.5 seconds, @glenalbrethsen only took 5 seconds or less, @fotosdenada and @melinda010100 both under 9 seconds. Dang that's fast.

Here's another one that I think is more difficult, at least for me. In fact I never could find the hidden image. lol.

This is supposed to be a flock of Toucans but there is a Penquin hidden among them. Lets see if this one is harder for our super sharp Steemians!


Here's the one from yesterday and the answer:


It's easy once you find it.


And here's the answer to today's puzzle:


These were done by Gergely Dudás who specializes in drawing brain teasers and you can see his website there on his puzzle. Let me know if you guys found this one as easy as the last one.




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I often wonder how these mistakes are even possible.

I got the first brain teaser - that was easy. But I gave up on the second one. 😊

I agree sir Vincent, about the mistakes. Like how could they build a highway and not center it over the support structure? wow. Ha! I thought that brain teaser was really hard too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gave up on it.

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Howdy there esteemapp! Thanks so much for the great platform and for the upvote!

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@janton. You’re always switching it up, you have a very unique blog, sir, thanks for keeping us guessing. @jlsplatts, you should come see the line work Janton featured here.

Those pictures were great! Too funny. I have a handful of “how the..” pictures I’ve taken over the years, I’ll share some here if you don’t mind me using your space. For example, here’s one, I snapped this picture in one of the distribution stations in LA. The stencil that made its way to this entry point (that ‘entry point’ is actually called a ‘peckerhead’—true story) touched many hands in the city of LA. There’s actually a stencil shop with trained professionals, a foreman overseeing operations, and a quality control that verifies the product before it leaves the shop. That’s not all.

Once it leaves the shop, a material handler delivers it to the painter. The painter then needs to verify the work with his foreman and then be watched by a Safety Observer who’s trained with electricity so that the painter can’t get hurt by painting the wrong piece. The foreman of the safety observer assigned him his task. @janton, that’s a whole bunch of eyes that looked at this stencil until it reached its final destination—nobody noticed. But I did! Not sure how long the paint has been there but as soon as I saw it I took a picture of it and showed everyone on city payroll. 👍🏿 And now everyone who reads your blog.


Haha! that's classic sir dandays! It's really unbelievable given the number of steps it has to go through. Unreal. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. And you have more?

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Oh heck yeah I do! I have to dig them up, hold please...

I’m back! Man.. I had to go back nearly three years when I started this joint to dig up these pictures. Three years on Steemit is like 20.... at least everyone is transacting with Bitcoin finally.

Hey, @janton, check these out. I was in the town I grew up in some years ago and apparently they were having a City election—I can’t make this up! I got all three of these pictures on the same day, they were all in the general vicinity of each other, Wait’ll you see these things. I can’t believe nobody said anything.


You did what, Russ?


Bunck? Seems like a lousy town council to me. And then there’s this last one. Yeah, not sure how they missed that, @janton.


lol! Those are hilarious! They didn't think at all when they put those together, wow! Did you take these to share on Steemit?

Glad you liked those. No, heck no, I took those way before I knew Steemit existed. They were just hilarious and I didn’t think anyone would believe me. Lol!

So funny sir dandays, I'm so glad you took the time to get the photos!

Nothing like Grandma flavored jam. LOL.

Haha! That one was hilarious. I guess the company doesn't have proof-readers!

That was a crazy lot of pictures, I don't even think I could pick one as the most favorite as there were so many.

Howdy sunlit7! I'm so glad you enjoyed them, It's hard to believe people make such massive mistakes! Hey, was your Christmas punch bowl cake a success?

The kids like it, it seemed to have to many soft ingredients for my liking. It tasted very good but I think it would have better better if maybe it had maybe slivers of almonds or something along those lines in it.

That sounds really good. I think an adult version with lots of alcohol would be a winner too. lol.

It's bad enough cleaning up the sober

Haha! good point!

@janton I wouldn't call this a fluff piece - I got a good couple of laughs and you took plenty of time to find these pics and make the post!
@tipu curate

Howdy blueeyes8960! Thanks for the kind words and I'm so glad you got a laugh out of it.Also thanks for stopping by because I tend to forget people if I don't see their name for awhile so this is a great reminder to visit you!

No! I couldn’t do this one as I don’t know what’s a penguin looks like! LoL
We don’t have penguins here! Haha!
Also the other bird is unknown to me too!
So, I cannot relate to the physical forms of these two birds!

Those failed examples were incredible for us! LoL

Howdy sir kaminchan, I understand. Well we would have to find someone who knows what a penquin is and is very fast on the others to see if this was really difficult. I'm glad you enjoyed the post though!

This post of yours always let me laugh like I little kid, thank you for getting a smile on my face Mr Janton.

Howdy sir joelsegovia! I am so glad you like it, thanks for the kind words. I haven't heard anything about your country for a long time, are there any changes for the better or is it still highly unstable?

In our particular case is usually no news = good news. I have found a job that allows me to have sufficient income to cover my family's basic expenses, but the trade off is that I have not much time left to be here on Steem.

Howdy today sir joelsegovia! Well, with the price of Steem so low it is hard to earn much here anyway right? When and if the price rises then it will be a different story. But I am glad that you have a job! Is it that warehouse job?

Not exactly at the warehouse, but it's somehow related to that previous job. I sometimes do translations, sometimes I go to meetings and do live translation, sometimes just some paperwork, so on...

Hahaha janton, so ridiculous and so funny at the same time. Hard to believe that some individual put them up, bet they laughed as they did it.

Howdy today angiemitchell! I know, it's hard to believe they actually do some of these things. Probably not in Australia though. lol.

Hi, @janton!

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Howdy there steem-plus and thanks so much for the upvote!

ahh, the devil is the details.
As a contractor it can be so easy to just follow the blueprints, but you actively have to step back and see if it is logical. Many times, you may be surprised.

I'm sure that is very true sir deepwaters and apparently people are not using logic all the time. Or maybe their foreman was not around!

Howdy Janton! Well, I didn't found him neither, because they all look like penguins with Toucans beaks, lol.

Anyway, those constructions mishaps are hilarious!!! Seriously, people should not smoke weed 😂😂😂

Howdy Miss Lena! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't find the dang penguin! I'm glad you liked the construction fails, hard to believe aren't they?

I know, lol.

Oh my word, I'm not sure which picture made me laugh the most, lol These are great @janton, I'll hve to show them to my husband. Definitely not fluff stuff! Keep those brain teasers coming, those of us old folks need all the brain teasing we can get!!!! :)

Haha! Howdy birdsinparadise and thanks so much for the kind words, God bless you!

lol. i don't care if it is a "fluff piece" I love this sort of stuff and it can take ages to find these gems using normal methods. I think this is a great list.

I think my favorite is the college one, because: Irony. It seems to me as though that might have been planned though just for fun. Doesn't really matter though... i like it.

Howdy again sir beelsebubba and thanks for the kind words. I love this stuff too. I used to do quite a few redneck fixin and repair posts with hilarious repair jobs rigged up. lol.

I also used to do a redneck joke at the end of each post but I found that most people didn't understand them. lol. Like the Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck if..."

You definately ARE a Red Neck, LOL! Welcome aboard....

What the? you talkin to me? this comment was 2 months ago, where you been? lol.

Just slumming, LOL! It came up when they did their community software cutover....

I figured you were Still a Red Neck, so I went ahead and replied.


Well, I'm becoming more of a Redneck all the time just out of rejection of everything I see happening!

Becoming a Red Neck...Becoming? That is like being a 'Little" Pregnant, no half way measures here, ROFLOL!

The increased voter rejection will Kill them in 2020 elections....


Yeah, they aren't gonna win, I just think it might be close though. Although a blowout would be funny.
Uh, becoming MORE of a redneck. lol. Oh dang, that means more like smithlabs, nightmare!

A lot of bad planning in those photos. Te see into toilets had to be the worse. Lol

They all looked like penguins to me 😂

I think the toilets would be the biggest nightmare! The wrong type of panels must have gotten ordered and they went ahead and put them in. lol. Totally insane. Yeah the brain teaser was another hard one and it's one that stumped everyone online last year.