If Only There Was Beer

in #funnylast month


I basically need to make my own meme gallery so I never have to use words again when communicating on the interwebs.


"Bartender, one more!1"

Don't take yourself too seriously, and have a great weekend!


Did someone say beer? Yes please :)

The balcony tan is doing alright eh?

What's the big idea commenting before me? Eh?


Now now there, no need to fight, everyone can have their turn

Hmmm, so many wrong directions to take that comment :P

A low hanging fruit I left as a trap 😝


Cheers! Still going strong, it’ll fade in a few weeks though.

YES. I'm first again. Never really acknowledged it so openly, but yes, when I arrive to comment first on your skill with your camera, it brings me a great joy. Good weekend ahead...

I’m glad I can help you feel more joyful! What’s you got planned for the weekend?

Reading, writing, and hopefully something exciting? I'm fixin' to catch some more pics, but then I haven't really made any plans, have I? It's the usual for me. What about you?

I !BEER your pardon?

You may be pardoned.

Hey @eveuncovered, here is a little bit of BEER from @chekohler for you. Enjoy it!

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You Meme'd what you said. And said what you meme'd Perhaps it will catch on.

!beer here!

I miss Tuborg! Can't easily get it here in the U.S.

Everything is better with beer ;)

Beautiful EVE! <3 :)

Haha thank you! 😁

You're welcome! :) <3

picture that fits in the delivery of the message, do you really want it madam