Fungi Friday - Slim Pickings

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Here are some slim picking for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
Look some black jelly roll aka exidia glandulosa. This is edible but bland and hard to find enough for a meal.
Now for some amber jelly roll aka exidia recisa. This is also edible but bland. Only useful in spicy soup.
The days have been cold and gray here so not many mushrooms are out anymore. Mainly jelly fungi is out.
More amber jelly roll, this one seems to be in a more rounded shape. I bet if its dna was sequenced this might be a subtle new species of jelly roll.
Finally some wood ear. This is also fairly bland but has more taste and a better texture than jelly fungi. This also has anticancer properties to it.
I also found some old chicken of the woods. If only I had checked here a few months earlier I could have had some good meals.
This is what I was looking for today, winter mushrooms aka velvet foots. Sadly I found none as this is a photo from last year. Fortunately these can easily be bought from the store, they are skinny and white when grown in captivity and go by the name enokitake. Very tasty.
This squirrel was wondering what I was doing in his forest. He made a few barking noises at me.
On my way back home I noticed my neighbor had decorated their halloween crows with Thanksgiving attire. I'll keep an eye out for the Christmas outfit.

Happy #fungifriday


It's a great post, with beautiful photos and a nice story.

Thanks for looking :-)

That black slime looks awesome :)

One of these days I'll collect enough for a meal.

without the lake, squirrel, and the Halloween crow snaps, the post is really from an alien an alien...never seen such things ...mindblowing...🤗

Its like that fungus from the movie prometheus.