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I want to share with you my collection of mushrooms, good and bad, that I have found this Summer at my own countryside house. Well, not exactly in the house - they were growing hiding at the distance of 15-30 metres ... but still.

I provide this for my favourite #FungiFriday challenge by @EwkaW,
and for #AmazingNature contest by @adalger (apply here)

taken with Canon 5D +Sigma 150mm, x2 focus stake

Как вы наверное знаете, грибы вступают в симбиоз с корнями деревьев (образуют вместе с ними микоризу), причем разные грибы предпочитают разные породы деревьев. Вот почему грибы растут обычно в лесу (т.е. там где есть деревья), а некоторые виды чаще встречаются рядом с определенными деревьями, и нигде больше...
As you probably know, mushrooms come into symbiosis with the roots of trees (they build mycorrhiza with them), and different mushrooms prefer different species of trees! This is why mushrooms usually grow in the forest, (i.e. where there are trees), and some species are more often found next to certain trees, and nowhere else ...
Вы удивитесь, но мой загородный участок совсем не похож на фруктовый сад или грядки с овощами, или цветник (я сделал исключение для ирисов). Мы выращиваем мох, вереск, ели, березы и прочие деревья.... и, разумеется, грибы! Очень приятно выйти из дома и собрать урожай на собственном участке, без того чтобы идти в далекий лес.
You may be surprised to know that my countyside location does not look like an orchard garden or beds with vegetables, or a flower garden (we made an exception for the irises). We grow moss, heather, spruce, birches and other trees .... and, of course, mushrooms! It is a pleasure to go out of the house and harvest a crop at your own place, without going hunting in the forest.
Этот прекрасный боровик вырос под нашим старым дубом. Он очень хорошо прятался в увядшей прошлогодней траве, но все равно мы нашли его -- раньше, чем червяки (тоже большие любители вкусных грибов).
This beautiful Boleto grew up under an old oak tree. He hid very well in last year’s wilted grass, but we still found it - earlier than worms (which are also a great lovers of delicious mushrooms).


I dont have a lot of pictures for this certain mushroom, or its other editions. Unfortunately it happens in my life not as often, as other shrooms. So I will add a few other nice edible fellas to my post.

Happy Fungi Friday to you!


A little Leccinus, I spotted in the clover bush.


A more adult, group-up Leccinus:


Fresh little puff-balls. They are edible, too!

Lactarius deliciosus, or Рыжик сосновый (боровой). Ideal for pickling!

Noname and probably non-edible one. But so awesome outlook! A silky fluffy cap. He's a mod!

Some unedible polymorph.. Definitely I prefer this sort of mushrooms to edible ones! Well, at least, my camera does...

I found also a black analog of it. Really not convinced if it is a different specie, or just a matured, old version of a white one.


A green cap Russula, probably not edible.



@Ewkaw, I hope you will not tell me of all those mushroom beauties you enjoyed most this lichen foto I made for you... will you dare? :=)

This intresting lichen looks quite hazardous, tho it definitely isnt. Amazing outlook!

Absolutely a noname... and really, does it matter anything, anyway?

all images taken with Canon 5D +Sigma 150mm macro-tele, copyright by me

The nature constantly amazes me.

Мне очень нравится разнообразие прихотливых форм, необычные цвета, и я вообще не люблю однообразия. Природа создала около пяти миллионов (!) разных видов грибов. Вы можете вообразить себе эту цифру?.. Это потрясающее достижение, я благодарен матери природе за то что она дарит мне все это... Ну, конечно, все эти грибы не растут по соседству со мной... в моей местности их вряд ли более одной тысячи... Что ж, нельзя иметь все сразу. Зато каждый новый гриб - другой! И растет в новом месте и выглядит по-другому. Абсюоютно никакой скуки в процессе поиска и добычи, я гарантирую это!
Generally, the variety of whimsical shapes, unusual colors is what my likes are about: I do not like monotony. Nature has created about five million (!) different types of mushrooms. Can you imagine this figure? .. This is an amazing achievement, I am grateful to mother nature for giving me all this ... Well, of course, not all of these mushrooms grow next to me ... they are unlikely more than a few hundred of species in my area (and it is the best assumption! on a regular basis its only just a few dozens). Well, you can’t have everything at once. But each new mushroom is different! And it grows in a new place and looks different. Absolutely no boredom in search and harvesting process... especially when we talk about taking the pics. I guarantee that!

#FungiFriday fun challenge by @EwkaW

I hope many of you will join, as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
  • add #fungifriday (not necessarily must be your 1st tag). that's all!

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Спасибо за пост в #ru

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This is such a huge and great selection of mushrooms that you show there .. I am quite surprised that the puff balls are edible. I wouldn't have thought so. I actually like the lichens the most.. They look a bit like a goup of little dwarfs walking around, hehe ^^.. With more than 5 million different mushroom species out there there are for sure some more great looking ones out there.

!BEER my friend! thats for sure, some ar better then others... and in this terms I am suffering, cause we dont have as maximum divercity as the folks who are living more to the south, like @borjan in Serbia, or folks in Indonesia... I easily can create a post of very whimsical fungies -- but the pictures will be not mine :P

maybe i will do that one day, I am just not entitled to make it a contest post, right?..

I actually think that if you want to do such a rather collective and informative post it would fit excellently into what DNA (Densifying Nature-Appreciation) would be super happy about.. @aakashsinghbais foundet the Steem Biodiversity Project a few weeks ago with the intention of cataloging the biodiversity all around us. It is highly ambitious, but such a great idea. This merged into DNA now, still in its beginning phase, but with such an post idea you will contribute highly to the idea. If you like to you are highly welcome to join there as a fungi expert.. You can collect and curate on your little fellows if you want. I actually know no better fungi expert out here on steem than you @qwerrie.. Maybe this is something for you?

o! you are too kind. I am definitely not an expert, I love to shoot them.. !sketch.and.jam is a far better expert, believe me.

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I remember there was a nice big oak tree inside a pine forest where we used to go pick mushrooms. And everyone wanted to be first near the oak to see if there is any of those big nice ones :)

I remember your series of photos from the oak tree (a deep grey dull province...) looking forward to more sessions from that district, one day!

hmmm... I think you mean cork oaks... /thinking hard/

yes yes. cork oaks.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

So that would be in Portugal.
I meant the real, normal oak that we pick mushrooms under in Poland. The ones from your first photo don't grow here I think... never saw them anyway.

no Boletus in Portugal?.. heh...

we dont have a lot of other things here, as well... like stinky cage (aka witches heart) and so on... :=)

Too hot I think... Never saw them. Not even very popular to eat in any dish or to get in a shop.

The first noname one has some psilocybe looking features to it. Maybe it is an undiscovered variant.

!BEER. I never crop them for the soup, anyway xd

A soup you would never forget lol.

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Great photos you have here! 👍
Mushrooms must been happy 😁

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Such a wide variety of Mushrooms and such cool shots of them

glad you like them,--

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Have to go out and find me some funghi soon

soon? soon?! do you have mushrooms going on in March or April, Britta? :=)

Mushrooms, fungi, toadstools....

You captured their uniqueness and charm with perfection! Beautiful photos @qwerrie 🍄🌿🍄

I never liked fungi... always felt a little creeped out bu mushrooms. But you and @borjan take such beautiful pictures. I'm beginning to appreciate the allure. It's like another universe down there, among the fungi.

i am very pleased to get a compliment like this. well, hunting for mushrooms (with camera, or with knive, or with both) is an instinct,,, a bit of a hunter, a bit of a fotographer... and besides that, it is (can) be a good food!

go well along with fried potatoes and the !BEER

Thank you for the beer!!

It'll be a while before I regard wild mushrooms as food...not ready for that yet :))

he, he. a lot of proteins!


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Thank you!!