"Ithaqa" Fundition Update #72 More Time With Little Jimmy

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Half of this page was changed due to the rewrites, and it gave me this fun opportunity to bounce Harvey off of Little Jimmy. It was a fun few panels to write, but also it did a great job illustrating the history that Jimmy and Mookie have - that Harvey certainly does not share. We thought that Little Jimmy gave Mookie a hard time earlier in this issue, but now we can see that there is an undercurrent of friendship between the two men - because Jimmy has no time for a stranger dressed like a drifter.

If this were a game of Call of Cthulhu it would be the functional equivalent of a player character failing a "Credit Rating" dice roll pretty badly!

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It is funny to see the process from a strictly writer's angle. When I make a page I strut and fret while making the text, often just placing it on the empty square. And when I start drawing i sometime have to go back and remove most of it and move pieces of the next page back into the on I work on, or I invent new jokes that has to push some of it away. It is a very organic process as opposed to working with other (which I also do).

Drawing is the relaxing part for me. That's my main metier :)

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