A Sock Puppet called Good Guy 24 walks into a bar...

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*It was a Cloudy Sunny day. As always the Sun came up in the East and would set in the West. The door of a bar called Steem opens. *

"Hey all, I'm a Good Guy, 24 hours a day!"
"Hey Good Guy, welcome! Are you, like us, hungry 365 days of the year?", some Puppets responded. If you want, we'll Wait For You, so in 1 hour we can all start eating together!

"Cool", said Good Guy, "But actually I wanted to ask, does anyone know where the Painting Club is? I heard so many good things about it!"
"Is that the place where Flies are Flying or is that the place where you have to Jump High to earn some Steem?", some puppets responded.

"Oh, no, no, you got it all wrong", said Good Guy, "It's that place where you can be sure Corona Shall GO!"

The puppets looked at the clock in the middle of the bar. "It's Night, almost 11 PM", they said. "Is that place still open? If yes, we can take the Car and go to that Painting Club you like so much with 2001 MPh! I'd love to see Corona go!"

A Girl with more than 10000 STEEM in her pocket paid the bill for everyone and said "Hell yeah, Boston is Awesome, but that Painting Club is where I want to be! Follow me, I know the way!"

And so the puppets followed A Girl.

She asked everyone 2049 Tokens before taking them in her Car that could drive at 2001 MPh, and they gladly paid for what surely would be the adventure of a lifetime. They were sure after a visit to the Painting Club they would live a Happy Life, and it would only take 123 more minutes to start that life!

Unfortunately one Puppet had locked up all his Tokens on an exchange and tried to scam A Girl by giving her only 1 Token instead of 2049.

"Nice Try, said A Girl, but 001 really won't do here! Maybe you can stay Ahead of Slow by taking the High 46 to Painting Club, but it will only be as fast as One Step A Day!"

After teaching the Scammy Puppet a lesson she earned the Respect of all 888 Puppets that were following A Girl to the Painting Club.

To be continued... Or will it be?


Just me having some fun with the random names of the Sock Puppets. Please vote for Real Witnesses so we can have the top 20 spots back with avatars/faces we know again?


Damn sock puppets!! 😭

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Number 19 is my cum sock. But don't tell @royliusteem!

I will guard your secret... on the blockchain :P

On my centralised blockchain? Guess I'm fine with that. Going to remove this with the next hardfork.

Rallies all the Steem troops for an all-our Twitter War...

Gets CZ and Ciara on the phone again...

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