Incaberry & Pecan Maple Muesli Bars with Chocolate Reishi Topping

I think I've done it. After years of stuffing around with various recipes, I've done it! It's a little bit of a victorious moment for me. I'm not very good at sweets and cakes, because I'm terrible at measuring. I like a forgiving, adaptable recipe, and if you've been following me, you'd know I'm in love with variations of My New Roots 'Life Changing Loaf' recipe - you can read my post about it here.


This one was me getting a little creative with it. I'd bought a bagful of incaberries at Wholefoods, with no real idea of what they actually are, except that they were as big as a sultana and were quite sour but really moreish! Turns out they are very similiar to a cape gooseberry or Peruvian gooseberry - something I'm not entirely convinced isn't pretty much the same thing - and the irony was, I'd planted some seeds in the greenhouse the week before in the name of planting a diverse edible berry garden.

You can read all about them here

Anyway, they're good for you in the way many berries are good for you - high in anti oxidants and so on. Lots more fibre in these babies too than some berries. You'd be hard pressed to find a berry that wasn't good for you, unless it was specifically poisonous. But I digress. Back to muesli bars!

Incaberry & Pecan Maple Muesli Bars with Chocolate Reishi Topping

1.5 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup almond flour
1 cup pecans
1/2 cup incaberries
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp linseeds
7 tbsp psyllium
1 tbsp chia seeds
pinch of salt
1/4 cup hemp seeds
3 tbsp melted coconut oil
1 cup of water - more if not quite 'wet' enough to press into a pan.

Mix all ingredients and press into a pan so it's about 1 inch or so thick. Allow to set - the psyllium will absorb all the water. Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

In a pan, mixed 1/3 cup of coconut oil, 1/3 cup of cacao and 1 tbsp reishi powder (optional) plus a pinch of salt and some vanilla (optional). Melt and pour over cold and pre-sliced bars.

Voila!! Totally tasty, and very filling for a mid morning protein snack. And so, so easy!

Why did I use the reishi? Um.. it was already mixed in my cacao for a drink I make, and I had no ordinary cacao. Ooops. Plus, if I'm also telling the truth here, I used an egg free replacer INSTEAD of linseeds, as they don't do too well with my hubby's tummy, BUT the linseeds sound better and DO work just as well with something like this as they can be an egg replacer in themselves. I shouldn't give away all my lies though, should I?

I also sprinkled dried calendula on it as it seems to fit the 'golden' theme of the goldenberries, or incaberries, or cape gooseberry, or whatever they masquerade as! Eagerly awaiting the growth of mine and hoping the climate here will be okay for them in the summer.

Have you tried, or do you grow, incaberries?

What's your favourite muesli bar snack?


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We have LOADS of "incaberries" (called Cape Gooseberries by many in the world) growing wild in the north of Thailand. Super yum. I use them in spicy Thai salads instead of tomatoes.

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THANKS!!! The first slice went so fast, I doubled it to fill the tray and used cranberries and pecans this time. Now I'm out of cacao, but it'll still be good enough for lunches. Also added coconut.

Yummy looks good I'm going to save this one and endeavour to cook them at some point yes I will 💯🐒

Yes, and you for sure can subs different things, I'm going to make a cranberry coconut one with maybe almonds next time.

Can't wait to try it will have to get on it a some point, next shop I will try and gather the ingredients and give them a go.Thanks again, have a cracking day 💯🐒

Awesome. Note when it comes out of the oven it seems a little soft but as the coconut oil sets and the muesli bar calls it becomes quite firm and not crumbly at all. I am really pleased with it and I think it's is going to be my go-to recipe from now on

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👍🏽 💯🐒

Ha. I've never heard of these berries but will definitely keep my eye out! Great looking bars!

Thankyou! Yes, I'm convinced they are called all sorts of names, but are the same thing.

Incaberry! Yes, I certainly remember this delicious nightshade variety. It was on a farm I wwoofed on in New Zealand, where the bush was trained to reach its bounty right onto the porch where we'd have our meals. I also remember that it was a bit of a refugee in hiding, since the authorities had wanted the family to chop it down for being ... you guessed it: an invasive species. But it was much loved by the family, so they flat out refused.
Now those muesli bars just look so delicious!

OHHH!!! Awesome. Really hoping it'll grow here. Invasive is someone's else's welcome guest. Glad they protected it. I cant' wait til it grows!

Welcome to our FAVM. I am so happy to see you and your super delicious recipe, full of nutrients. Absolutely love it! 😍
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OOOOH, I am quite chuffed! Thanks for the love!!! xxx

You are most welcome my Dear 🥑😍🍓

Delicious - I must try your recipe, thank you xx

What have we here @riverflows? Ah goldenberries! We used to grow those in our garden, actually they were volunteers! The little children next door used to show up to pick them, so cute :) What is Reishi? I'm not familiar with that, these looks so yummy! Looks like breakfast bars will be on my list to make, beautiful.

they look and sound delicious, love that you add Reishi to the topping. I reckon my girls would love to help me make some xx

omg that is just so wrong. i want to nom them and i have no clue wat incaberries taste like.

Sweet sour tart nomminess.

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I hear about many ingredients for the first time, as the kitchen and spices are different. But your creations look very tasty.

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1Your muesli bars look sooo delicious and healthy too! I've never heard of Incaberries but am familiar with Cape goosberries as they grew wild in the Eastern Cape where I grew up, just love them! I hope yours grow well:)

THANKYOU! I wonder if they are the same thing - I'm pretty convinced they are!!! When mine grow, we'll swap notes with the ones you recall.

After years of stuffing around with various recipes, I've done it

Don't you just love when this happens!
Most of my recipes come from what's in my head, what sounds good and what's in my pantries!

Totally! I just told my hubby 'welcome to the muesli bar for the rest of your life'. With slight variations, of course! 😀😀

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YUM! I could eat a few of those right this minute!! I have never tried incaberries but I have wondered about them when I noticed them on the health food shelf. Apparently, we can grow them here so maybe next year we'll plant some!

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I've never tried Incaberries, but, when I looked them up, they said they tasted like a sour skittle (candy) LOL

These muesli bars look delicious and I am in love with the different nut uses. I am sure to try these as I am not a huge measuring type of person! I need forgiving recipes!

Thanks again!


Its definitely soooo forgiving!!! And they kind do taste sweetly mouth puckering sour... yum!!

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OMG I think I am drooling! LOL

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Oh my goodness!! THREE awards??? They are the cutest, sweetest, NICEST rewards I have ever got on Steemit!!!!

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These just look darn fantastic all around! Plus I still need to make that loaf recipe, too. I haven't heard of incaberries, though I have gooseberries. So many wonderful fruits all around the world! Love learning about different ones every week. :)