Lemon, Garlic and Pine Nut All Purpose Dressing - Fruits and Veggies Monday

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There's another dinner party coming up, and you need yet another pot luck dish. You can be pretty sure there won't be very many veggies there (except of course for kale, which there is likely to be too much of) so here is a dressing that can be made ahead and used to gussy up any veggie you want. I've even used it on turnips! I suggest taking the plattered veggie to the event undressed, and pouring the dressing on at the party. There is no need to mix it, the guests will do that. It is best served the day you make it, when the garlic is still crunchy, but you can make it ahead. If you've refrigerated the dressing you will of course need to let it come to room temperature first, maybe even warm it a tad.

Here I have used it on steamed broccoli, a guaranteed crowd pleaser. My preserved lemons have pink peppercorns in them so I added those for a bit more color, but they are not necessary. The veggie can be served hot or cold but transporting a cold veggie is a breeze, so for taking to a party, I'd go with cold. Be sure to plunge your cooked broccoli into an ice bath as soon as you have finished cooking it so that it retains its bright green color.


Lemon, Pine Nut and Garlic Dressing

Finally! A recipe that I don't tell you to take it easy on garlic! This one is for garlic lovers, and it makes enough for eight to ten servings. Adjust portions as needed.

You will need:

  • Olive oil, 1/2 cup
  • Avocado oil, 2 tablespoons. this is optional, but I do find it helpful to raise the burn point of the oils
  • Garlic, 2 or 3 large cloves
  • Pine nuts, 1/4 cup
  • One half lemon or preserved lemon, only the rind
  • A slotted spoon
  • A small saucepan

Slice two large cloves of garlic in even thin slices. Set aside.

Slice either lemon rind or preserved lemon rinds (which is what I have used here) in thin short strips. Set aside.

Heat 1/2 cup olive oil with a couple of tablespoons of avocado oil, then add the sliced garlic. Have your slotted spoon ready - you can see mine in the upper right corner of this shot. Stir gently while the garlic is cooking.

Cook only for about two minutes, just until the garlic starts to brown. Then turn the heat to low and take the garlic out with the slotted spoon. The garlic will continue to brown as you are taking it out, so it's super important to take it out as soon as it starts to brown or you will burn some of it.

Turn the heat back up and throw a handful of pine nuts into the hot oil. OK maybe "throw" is the wrong word, but you know what I mean. Again, take these out with the slotted spoon as soon as you see they are starting to brown, less than one minute. Pine nuts burn very easily!!!

With the heat off, put the lemon rind into the still hot oil and remove them with the slotted spoon immediately.

You are in the home stretch! When all the ingredients are cooled, mix them all into the cooled oils and salt to taste. I forgot to take a picture of this step, but here are my cooling fried lemon rind, pine nuts and garlic.

That's it! Pour it over the plattered veggie of your choice. I hope you like it. I use this a lot.


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I approve of this plant-based contest.
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Homemade dressings are always the best!

Oh yes, this looks great! I LOVE roasted (fried?) pine nuts! I would add them on anything and everything... although, my kids are not so keen...

Delicious and nut-ritious! @owasco
Pine nuts make everything taste a little more "gourmet!"
Except for the avocado oil, I have have all the ingredients to make this at home.
Can I substitute EVOO?
Thank you for sharing your culinary skills with us!🥦🔪🥑🥄🥦

Yes you can just use evoo. It burns easily and many think this is bad for your health, but it sure tastes good. The avocado is there simply to lower the burn point of the oil blend so it doesn't burn and/or set off the smoke alarm.
I use the leftover of this on EVERYTHING. It is a very handy dressing to keep in your fridge. Delight and amaze your friends!

That broccoli looks amazing. I just had breakfast but could still fit it in I think. Lol.

A great dressing can make all the difference to a salad, make it more interesting to look at and of course tastier to eat. I'm not vegan or anything but love my veggies...I'll love them more with this dressing.

Grazie mille.

I'm so happy you like it. I just polished off all that broccoli all by myself. Thanks for stopping in!

Tasty huh?

I never used to like it as a kid, now it's on the menu a lot. I'm going to try this dressing...Thanks for sharing.

Love a dressing recipe to add to the collection! Funny, I just posted about kale, so there's a recipe to use up your kale for you! I picked all my garlic too, so this would be a nice recipe for the brocc I also have coming out of the garden!

I just put this on some pasta. It was dreamy! I forgot to mention that in my post and I meant to. erg. I guess I'll go find me a kale recipe to figure out who you are! lol.

Oh damn the account switcheroo. It's @riverflows :P

Yeah I figured it out. I visited your "kale" post. You are some cook!

I know some people don't like big slices of garlic like this, but I love it. And add the pine nuts in the mix, oh my goodness! I can imagine any vegetable tastes delicious with this dressing, but the broccoli on that photo is calling my name 🥦😍🥦


I just poured some of the leftover dressing on pasta. Super yummy. Thank you for the star award!

Always pleasure my Dear and I can tell that dressing is fatalistic for pasta 😉👌

I loooove garlic, so this is definitely right up my alley! Though I'm kicking myself because I keep forgetting to look for some preserved lemons when I've gone out! I'll be out and about later on today, so maybe I need to write myself a note. I will try making them at home some day, too, but I want to try these yummy dressings sooner than later! Oooh, especially if I get my hands on some more purple broccoli for a raw salad...

I saw your purple broccoli post and thought of this.
The lemons are super easy to make. Many say they should be meyer lemons, but that is bunk, although they do have thinner skins. Just get some lemons, a lot of good salt, I put some peppercorns, coriander seeds and cumin seeds in too. cut the lemons in quarters but leave them attached at one end, then pack them in the salt mix so the flesh is spread out and it's all covered nicely. Two weeks or more. I use the salt for cooking - nice mild flavor. so easy, so good.
They are delicious raw too if you ask me, so that salad sounds both yummy and beautiful!

I'm going to try this when I have all of the ingredients. It looks absolutely delicious.

I didn't know utilizing avocado oil was a thing. I learned something new today.

I love garlic so much I eat it raw, so I'm sure I will love this recipe.

You're an amazing cook, it's very obvious. I'm also blown away with the layout of this post and your amazing photography and markdown skills.

Thank you for sharing! :)

Avocado oil is very expensive, but the smoke alarm goes off far less often!
Thanks for the markdown skills comment, but I am so new to it! Here's the guide I use

Hope you like the recipe. It works with almost everything. I've been eating my leftover on pasta.

These look great! Broccoli is my favorite veggie side dish. I can even eat it if it's overdone, though I prefer it steamed just long enough and crunchy. I didn't know about dipping in ice water after steaming to retain the color. Thanks for the education!

Interesting dressing and seems it would taste great with any vegetable. Curious about the avocado oil, the flavor it would give once mixed it. Not so easy to find in our local grocery stores.

I'm impressed with your cooking skills, the food looks really appetising..

How delicious! I must try this one. Thank you for supplying the recipe, @owasco.

This looks delicious. Had never heard of the recipe

Ok soooo hungry now love it

Sounds really delicious @owasco! Thanks for that ice bath tip, the colours look great.

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I am a garlic junkie and this sauce looks so easy to make.
Let's see if I can sneak into the kitchen to make this Lol.

I LOVE broccoli AND garlic! In fact I have to remind myself to use less garlic in my preparations when I have guests. This is a beautiful recipe which I will most certainly adopt, with a couple of changes though ... what do you think of replacing the olive oil with coconut oil (love that you use avocado oil!) and the pine nuts with cashew nuts?

I hope you and that knee are all fine over there :D

I used to use a lot of coconut oil, but I think I overdid. My kids revolted. Garlic, cashew, lemon and coconut sounds like it would work though. I do try to avoid heating olive oil, but sometimes I just must.
You good? I've missed your pearls of wisdom.

It's all good here. Thank you for asking @owasco :D I trust the same is true for you over there (your knee?).

Thank you for your constant kindness :) It's never easy to step back from my Steemit blog, as I miss my writing and the interaction with you all so very much! <3

Take care over there ... I will be popping around whenever time allows! :*

My knee is healing. It's not my worst ever sprain, but it has messed me up good. Pain is exhausting. But I can still sing! And boy do I have time to blog - too much!

I woke up to posts about food @owasco, now I'm hungry. 😋


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Yes! That is definitely a goodly amount of garlic. That looks great!

Love this recipe @owasco!! I'll be trying it, in fact I have a fresh head of broccoli in the fridge right now, yay! :) Great photos, yum!

Love the photos with the instructions. Looks easy to prepare too 😊😊

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Veg looks nice and crisp, sauce recipe something new and amazing to try if I am able to find all the ingredients @owasco


Thanks!!!! I hope you can find them but plain old lemon rind works well too if you can't find preserved. I'm going to have to do a preserved lemon recipe one of these day. I put them in everything.

Pine Nut not something I have seen, love lemon and garlic however seldom preserve them being available all year round.

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Always a pleasure my Dear, we are happy to have you 😍

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