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Do you like hot sauce? Are you buying ready to eat chili hot sauce in a bottle? It's time to stop buying and do it yourself for a safe and beneficial to your health. This kind of appetizer I don't like to eat. I don't like food with hot chili. My Indonesian friends love it so much and they could not eat food without chili. I always ignored their foods.

Until one day, I spent my vacation last 2014, a nurse cousin of my mother, asked my father some chili in front of our house. Then, I saw my father swallowing 5 pieces of hot red chili. With curiosity, I asked my cousin and father about the benefit of doing that. Surprisingly, my father told me that it will neutralize the blood flowing in our vessels and prevent high blood pressure. Five pieces of native hot chili are enough for a day safety of hypertension attack. My father told me that he did it for three years without any maintenance of Losartan. He proved it to me and monitored his blood pressure for how many days during that time I was there.

Since then, I tried to love it and it is already with my daily meal. It really prevents the sticking of blood. I tried also asking and searching for information and I found its benefit.

To add more benefits, I will show you how I made it.

Let us start making an organic hot sauce.


As far as I knew, I am also proving that garlic will help to lower our blood pressure. It helps eliminate pain to our bodies. So why not take all this stuff naturally?

We also need enough amount of sterilized water, salt and lemon juice to add good taste. This is a very simple way and never take too much time in preparation.

We just need to wash it thoroughly. Peel the garlic and put it in the blender.

Blend it until it becomes sticky then add lemon juice and salt.

These are ready to eat hot chili sauce.

Just keep it frozen and one bottle in the fridge for daily intake.

Take note:
Eating too much is also dangerous. It may cause harm to our intestine most especially if we have ulcer problems. So mix it with your food intake little by little.

This is my entry for the initiative of @lenasveganliving contest.

Thank you for initiating this contest and to the sponsor @plantstoplank @veganofsteemit and @naturalmedicine.

That's all I can say and steem on together 2020 and up!

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It's me

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We LOVE hot sauce in Thailand and use it for everything except brushing our teeth. LOL. Nice idea. I'm going to think about making more of my own sauces too. Inspired.

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You are too funny and thank you for dropping by.

Thanks for sharing the information..

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Thank you @trendotoken

Thank you @guurry123

Congrats @olivia08.... sounds very delish , I am frying some springrolls for dinner, I could make tis sauce next time... wonderful! Hmmmm!

So hot but it has a good benefit to your health. Thank you dear @mers

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You are welcome!Maybe I will try your recipe oine day.

Thank you dear.

I am making my own hot sauce the only difference is that I don't blend it in a food processor I just chopped it finely added with boiled cane vinegar and garlic, granulated black pepper seasoned with salt and a sprinkle of raw sugar placed in a sterilized jar then let it chilled.

This sound delicious even for me that rarely eat chilli.

I am not into the hot sauce before but tabasco gets me addicted, thanks for dropping by.

You have your nice idea @otom. Maybe it becomes sweet with the sugar.

not that so sweet only a balance between the salt and sugar to taste good.

This recipe can also be use to cook sambal I guess. Never thought of using lemon before, I usually used lime.

Sambal is an Indonesian words as far as I knew it.

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We use the same herein Malaysia.

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I really love that you can keep this one in the freezer and it is not preserved with sugar. I absolutely love all kinds of hot sauce. I just had a good garlic harvest so I will have to try this one xx

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This is a great post, thanks. I love to make chill sauces. Both straight hot and also sweet chili sauce. Mmmmm delicious.

I like hot chilli sauce and I must confess I do buy already made; however, I will make this one for sure. It's so easy and healthy! Absolutely love it! Well done! 😍

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you try it adding your healthy living.

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My pleasure Olivia and yes, I will for sure 😍

We are also making our own chilli sauce! 😍

I never used to be one to like spicy foods, but as I have gotten older I do enjoy a little kick to my dishes on occasion! It is definitely worth it to have such good health benefits. I need to try to make a homemade sauce like this when the season comes around and we have an abundance of the peppers available again!

Thank you @plannttoplanks. Even me, I'm 50 old now and I necessarily need it.

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