Fruits and Veggies Monday Challenge - Lip-smacking Lentil Moussaka

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Traditional Greek Moussaka consists of layers of meat, potatoes or eggplant and topped with a Bechamel sauce.
My version is made with layers of a fragrant Lentil & Tomato based sauce, Eggplant, Potatoes and a Parsley Bechamel Sauce. I can guarantee if this vegan version were to compete against the meaty one, Vegan would win the trophy; it is simply delicious!
Garlic, Yellow Pepper, Onions, Tomatoes & Carrots with loads of sweet Basil is added to Black Lentils to form the base of this dish.

I've never seen a stripy Eggplant but my Veggies on Wheels dealer told me it is much nicer, and he was totally correct!

  • 2 medium Eggplants - thickly sliced, brushed with Olive Oil & grilled on both sides.
  • 2-3 Potatoes - peeled and sliced into thick rounds & parboiled.
  • 1 Onion - sliced
  • 1 Garlic clove - crushed
  • 1/2 Yellow Pepper - diced
  • 2 Carrots - grated
  • 3-4 Tomatoes - diced
  • 1 can Black Lentils in brine - drained
  • 2-3 cups Parsley Bechamel sauce - made with Almond Milk, Cornflour and Vegan Margarine plus chopped fresh Parsley


Sautee Onions, Garlic, Peppers & Carrots in Olive Oil till glossy.
Add Tomatoes & Basil, season to taste and cook gently till Tomatoes have softened.
Add Lentils and mix lightly.
Layer in the following order:
Lentil sauce, Eggplant, Lentil Sauce, Potatoes, Parsley Bechamel Sauce.
Moussaka layers.png

Dot with Vegan Margarine and bake around 20 min at 180C till top is a light golden colour.

Sprinkle extra Parsley on top just before serving.

Tuck in and enjoy.

Bursting with flavour.

One last look before HF21:
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Lip smacking indeed! I love that brinjal and lentil combination @lizelle

It is a delicious combo indeed, thanks for popping in @buckaroo:)


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I've been wanting to make a veg version of this for a long time! You might just have inspired me to do it soon! All those yummy layers of flavor. I'm drooling though it's nowhere near lunch time yet!

This really is a must try recipe, you will be making it more than once for sure, thanks for your lovely comments:)

Oh my goodness Lizelle, you are such a gourmet chef!!! This must taste absolutely dreamy! Fantastic recipe! 😍
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It is one of my favourite dishes, sooo delicious! Thank you for the inspiration you provide through this tag Lena:)

It's my pleasure Lizelle, I am grateful that you are sharing your delicious creation with us weekly 🥦😍🍒

Ooooh YEAH now youre talking. Loooovvveeeeee moussaka but especially vegie versions!!! Nicely played, @lizelle. Missed my FVM post this week... too dark when I cook to take photos and been too busy to be inventive!!

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Thank you @riverflows, it was absolutely yum! I have the same problem with the light, the sunlight often runs away before I'm ready to take pics. Natural light is so much better, like with my ingredients pic which was taken outdoors.
Thanks for popping into my kitchen!

I just love mousaka... beautiful, yummy and pure comfort food. Would love some now... cold rainy tropical day.

Perfect for a cold rainy day, thanks for popping in @any-goodrich:)

That looks so incredibly tasty! I think I need to try this at home sometime soon, possibly after the next market so I can get everything needed.

I do hope you make it sometime, it really is delicious! Thanks for your lovely comments:)

Right on! This looks delish and the lentils are the main rocker in this post!

They are for sure, this really is delicious, thanks for popping in:)

Ohh that looks so good :)

It really is delicious, thanks for popping into my kitchen @tattoodjay;)

Totally my pleasure to visit 👍😎👍


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It certainly was, thanks for stopping by!

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