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Howdy Miss Lena! Wonderful photos, my gosh. And we finally get to see you working away in the garden! lol. Hey that is a wonderful backyard but the garden looks a little small, no?

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Howdy Janton! That is a front yard and we didn't start planting veggies yet, because here is still too cold. I just plated some bulbs in the flower bed front of the house. My son in law build a wooden bin for a veggie garden further down between the trees if you look closer. This is the first year so we are not going to do too much, since we are only experimenting. Also, we can only have the veggies on the front, because on the back is not enough sun. Thank you for visiting and I'll keep you posted about the progress 😊

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Howdy Miss Lena! Oh, that is the front yard! Fooled me. Too bad you can't use the backyard for planting. Our backyard is about ten acres. lol. With plenty of sun.

Howdy Janton! 10 acres! Well why don't you start gardening and you sell it too! I am sure Mrs.J would be happy about that!

Howdy today Miss Lena! Well I don't have time to garden at the moment, maybe when I retire. Mrs. J. hates gardens so that wouldn't make her very happy. lol.