Fruits and Veggies Monday | Homemade Honeydew Cucumber Mint Smoothie

Inspired by #fruitsandveggiesMonday by @lenasveganliving

Honeydew cucumber mint smoothie.jpg
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My main motivation for making these homemade recipes is to prevent spoilage of ripe fruits. I do get inspiration online by checking out published recipes. However, I come up with my own variety and combination. I base the quantity of ingredients on the amount of fruits and/or veggies that I have on hand.

Honeydew Cucumber Mint Smoothie


My ingredients are all on the above photo: honeydew, oranges, apple, half a cucumber, mint leaves.


My honeydew was ripening fast, so I decided to use half of it for this smoothie. We consumed the other half as after-meal dessert. So slice the honeydew and remove the seeds.

honeydew wedges.jpg

I cut the honeydew further into wedges. That way, it would be easier for me to cut them into bite size pieces for the blender.

honeydew blender.jpg

The honeydew is ready for the blender. I added a small cup of water for easier blending.

cucumber mint.jpg

I removed the seeds of the cucumber and sliced them into small pieces. I plucked some mint leaves to add to the blended honeydew mix.

orange juice.jpg

Next came the squeezing of the oranges. It's a good thing our oranges are sweet, so I didn't need to add sugar at all.

apples sliced.jpg

The last ingredient to go into the blender was the apple. After a minute or two of blending, the final product is ready to be served.

serving the smoothie.jpg

The cover photo shows the smoothie serving. I was able to create six servings from my recipe combination. It was truly yummy!

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Mmm... smoothie... 😍

Love smoothie 😁😁😁

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Sounds so refreshing! I love cucumber and mint together, especially with the melon, as well!

It was really tasty. I'm glad I made it 😊😊

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Such an amazing blend of fruits, so delicious and healthy. The mint is an excellent touch 🍈🌿🍈

I was so happy when I found the mint leaves in the local grocery. Now I can add it to my smoothies. 😁😁

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I love mint too, I have some on my window. It's very easy to grow 💚🌿💚


Wow! Thank you so much!!!

!giphy thank you

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