SuperFruits of the World - Part #3

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I have bought you Part #1 and Part #2 of the most well known superfruits of the world , well this week i am going to bring you Part #3 and talk to you about some more exotic superfruits of the world and why we must eat our portions of superfruits everyday you may say why well because we all know that most fruits are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that can help you live longer, look better, look younger and even prevent disease.


Let's start of with some juicy plums whether they are black , red or yellow plums they are all rich in Vitamin C , minerals, fiber and antioxidants plums are known to help with reducing the risk of many chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes and the other thing you can enjoy about a plum it can be a sweet plum like the black one or a slightly sour plum like the red or yellow one.




The Peach of my most most beloved fruits this summer fruit contains antioxidants, fiber, and more the yellow peach is my favorite so crunchy and sweet they help in aiding in digestion , good for your skin , prevent certain types of cancers , help in reducing allergy symptoms and weight watchers love them they keep you full, but in a healthy way.




Custard apples are often heart-shaped or oval-shaped and have a delicious, mellow flesh that is soft, almost like custard. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this unique fruit may boost immunity, fight inflammation, and promote eye and heart health.


The Tamarind Fruit have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These can protect against diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The seed extract may also help lower blood sugar, while the pulp extract may help you lose body weight and reverse fatty liver disease.


The Durian Fruit most people find this a smelly fruit but they have incredibly high nutritious this fruit helps fight infections it helps lowering your blood sugar and helps with the risk of atherosclerosis, or the hardening of your arteries i love eating this fruit when it is not to over ripe if eaten more on the crunchy side it doesn't have that bad smell and taste more like eating cashew nuts.




Strawberries ... ahhhhh... don't we all love strawberries they are such a versatile fruit can be had in many different ways and we know they are packed with many nutritious and whether fresh or frozen there is no denying that strawberries pack a healthy punch and
Whether fresh or frozen there is no denying that strawberries pack a healthy punch and if you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be.




Watermelon and strawberries now they go well together. Did you know that Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow. ... Like Viagra, L-citrulline increases blood flow to the sexual organs but without any negative side effects now that explains a lot been eating watermelon as a kid and still am every day is why i am still 🤣 🤣



Dragon fruit another great superfruit it tastes like a mix between a kiwi and pear with a slight crunchiness. Dragon fruit is packed with many natural antioxidants like Betalains. Love the taste of this superfruit and has benefits in helping you loss weight.




Is a Avocado a nut or a fruit well you might be inclined to call it a vegetable, thanks to its green hue and savory taste, but the avocado is technically a fruit, and even more specifically, a single seeded berry. Avocados are considered a fruit because they fit all of the botanical criteria for a berry and i love them best fruit for keeping your skin smooth and perfect.




The Mayom fruit tree also known as the Star Gooseberry i have only seen in Thailand this Star Gooseberry has a sweet and sour taste like a un-ripe plum but if you like that taste it is a lovely fruit to eat the Thai people eat it with sugar which i think spoils the taste of the fruit i love it tangy. This fruit is also cultivated for its medicinal properties including the treatment of fevers accompanied by a skin disease, e.g. the measles. I actually love the golden look of this fruit tree.



This is Part #3 and again these are only some that i have shown you today that are pronounced as superfruits i will bring you more in Part #4 in the near future in the mean time get down to your local fruit stall buy some superfruits and enjoy the benefits.


#fruitsandveggiesmonday hosted by the lovely @lenasveganliving


Thank you @dswigle for giving us the opportunity to show of our countries markets on #marketfriday it is certainly a very knowledgeable subject to see what our neighboring countries can bring to us.




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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Thank you @galtsund 👍

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

I'm not sure that I have ever seen more delicious fruit in the world than there is in Thailand. Honest to God.

If it weren't for your posts every week on the Markets found here, always striving to show it off and give the details of its health benefits, I would not know a lot of it. Because some of them are found only in Thailand and some of them in the tropics, both out of my jurisdiction.

I actually looked up those gooseberries as I thought I had them here and it is possible to grow them (and they do) in a few places here in the United States. They are (gooseberries) one of my favorite fruits to make jam out of (of course the obvious strawberry is a clear winner in this house) and when we are able to find some in back of the beach dunes of one of our old houses, we were in our glory!

Thank you, always for the amazing posts on fruits, veggies and anything else that is larger than life or over the top!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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You know i have been here for a while now and i am still finding different fruits in some markets depending in what province you are in and it's always a excitement for me to have discovered yet another different fruit and been able to taste it and they never disappoint me love this place.

Those Gooseberries... yep they make jam out of them here also and they also eat them with a sweet syrup and a bit of chili mix in of course i love them natural myself.

Lots of fresh fruits

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Thank you and yummy also 👍

My goodness ! Those are all so lovely to see that I would like to fly to that area and buy the fruits .... hahaha... really they are so nicely packed and displayed and really the fruitd market is so inviting!

Thank you @mers they are yummy and inviting i can see why you would fly over 🙂

I´m coming soon.... hahaha, I´ll buy the whole market, how´s that! the whole market or eat the whole 🤣


Thank you 🙂

I think Thailand is the best palce for fruits and veggies. Is there a veggie or fruit that doesn't grow there? Oh maybe raspberries and blueberries. What about tomatoes? Nevertheless, it is a paradise for sure! I never tried white strawberries before and dragon fruit that comes here is only the one white inside and it's practically tasteless. Oh well I have to visit Thailand. Beautiful photos Angelo, especially the last two. That tree must be gorgeous 🍉🍏🍊🥑🍑🥭🍈🍓

Thank you so much for your lovely comment Lena and your right raspberries and blueberries i haven't seen growing here i am surprised because they can grow some amazing strawberries in the north were it is more cooler but can't give you the real reason why ?

Tomatoes not a problem tomatoes grow everywhere here and that tree is a wonderful looking tree it is regarded as a lucky tree in Thailand having that golden fruit growing on it the Thai people believe it's a fortune tree (money tree ) 🤣

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Thank you @dswigle ❤️

A fabulous collection of fruits, @hangin. Keep eating the watermelon! 😂 😊

Thank you @redheadpei picked up on that one ...hehe..i will certainly keep eating that watermelon 🤣

Another stunning roundup of amazing fruits! I'll take a few of each once again! I actually made oatmeal yesterday with some of the peaches and strawberries that we picked over the summer that I have frozen to use up all winter.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Your welcome and thank you @plantstoplanks ..... oh ... that oatmeal would have been just yummy you know i am having a oatmeal right now with strawberries and blueberries 👍

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR STAR AWARD ANGELO, for this highly curated entry with exceptional quality content. Keep up the great job 😊

Thank you so much @lenasveganliving wow i am getting a collection of these beautiful stars 🙂

Always a pleasure are one of the STARS OF FAVM!!! I mean the TOP ENTRIES!!! 🥑😊🥭

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That is so nice to know i always dreamt i would be a star one day now i can move on to Hollywood ... i wish 🤣

Yes you are and I am lucky to be the one who discovered you 😂 are the best ❤️ 🙂 ❤️

No durian fruit on the train, or in confined spaces :-). I don't think u've ever seen white strawberries like that are they sweet?

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Yep ..your right banned from a lot of places. You know i had never seen white strawberries till i moved to Thailand and i tell you what they are sweeter then the red ones i was surprised they grow them in the north of Thailand.