I almost forgot that it's Monday now, because of a very busy weekend.

Fortunately, I remembered it in time.

I love my smoothie for today because the dragon fruit made it unusually pink.


I still have frozen berries, avocado and jackfruit, but my main ingredient this time is the dragon fruit.


I'm glad that my smoothie tastes good as it looks!

Thank you for dropping by.

This is all for now.


This is an entry to #FruitsandVeggiesMonday created by the ever artistic @lenasveganliving, hosted by the passionate @plantstoplanks, and supported by the other wonderful people: @thekitchenfairy @donkeypong and @vegansofsteemit.


I miss my blender.
I haven't had a smoothie ever since my blender broke :c

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Ohhhh! 😢 Actually this is a new blender we have right now. Our old blender also broke. But because of my parent's health issues, we need to buy a new one immediately.

Thank you for dropping by. 😊

If you did not buy a new one a smoothy cannot be that important to you.

You cannot afford a cheap little one? I once bought one for my youngest. Refused to eat anything except applesauce and French fries. It easily fits in a small backpack. Still have it. By now it is 10 years old.

I mean. I just want a small one. Some of them is just really pricy.

Maganda opportunity yan practice ng presentation pang photocircle hehe

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Ano pong ibig niyong sabihin sa practice ng presentation?

Un presentation ng shake hehe check mo posts in veganliving ba un? Nakalimutan ko name nya pero ang gaganda nh presentation ng food nya

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Ahhh, ni Ma'am Lena? Sa camera din po yata yan eh.. Pang-professional na ang skills nila.. Hehe.. 😊

Pwede yan kahit celfone basta maganda lighting. Practice lang naman hehe

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Orayt! Sige sir, gawin natin yan! Hehehe! 😂

You only make a smoothy on Mondays? Happy to hear yours does taste as good as it looks like.
They seldom do or actually they taste exactly what they look like.

To be honest I find it hard to believe a smoothy is healthy. Fruit and vegetables mixed/cut into pulp cannot be as healthy as pure fruit.

Happy day. 💕

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Nope, I almost do smoothies everyday. But the submission for entry is Monday. And I almost forgot that today is Monday, so I almost forgot to post an entry.

Hehehe! 😊 You have a point. But I find smoothies easier to consume than chewing the fruits and vegetable, while still having the nutritional benefits. 😊

That dragonfruit is so pretty! Usually if I come across some here it has the white center, not that beautiful rich pink. Though I think they do sell it in the freezer section now. Glad you remembered so you can come join us again this week! :)

Dragonfruit with white center? Really? I haven't seen that one here either. Maybe it's a different variety. 😊

Yes, when I saw @joyrobinson's post, only then I remembered that today is Monday.

Simple, yet delicious, highly nutritious and soooooooo beautiful!!! I just love that color!!! 🌸💖🌸
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Thank you, Ma'am Lena. I love the color too. 😍

Thank you for tagging me on #fruitsandveggiesmonday

That looks mouthwatering! We only get the white ones here. I always wonder what the taste like. Is it different to the white ones?

Actually, I didn't know that there is a white one until @plantstoplanks mentioned it. Hahaha! 😊 I only know what we have here. 😂

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Thank you Ma'am Lena. Thanks for organizing this as I am learning from everyone. 😊

My pleasure Dear, I am happy to hear that 🍓😍🥑