Cassava Chips for #FruitsandVeggiesMonday

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I am craving for something salty but healthy. And so I thought about making cassava chips.



We just harvested our cassava in the frontyard. Can you believe that it grew almost as tall as my four year old?!? I know he is not tall. But the cassava is just a little too long! We could hardly believe it, but we've seen it with our own eyes, and even documented it for everyone to see. Hahaha! 😂


But only one of it was gigantic in size, the rest are normal.

And so, because of craving for something salty but healthy, I made cassava chips for me and for the little one who is watching cartoons.


After slicing thinly as possible, I fry it in a pan. But I don't like it to be greasy. So I only use canola oil spray for a minimal amount of oil. Then covered it until cooked while stirring it ocassionally.



I sprinkled a little salt and served it to the little one. He asked for more, so is it an indication that it's good? I willingly obliged because I know that it's a healthy munch.


This is an entry to #fruitsandveggiesmonday by @lenasveganliving, hosted by @plantstoplanks.

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Thanks you so much @esteem.

Ha, I can imagine him munching away! I like cassava chips, but I've never seen it grown here - it's something we only see in Asia. I bet it tastes totally different fresh and homemade straight from the garden!

Yes, cassava is native in Asia. 😊 And we are blessed to have a very good type of cassava. I don't know how to properly describe it in English, the word I can think is "moist." The boiled cassava is not dry, it's moist (I wouldn't say it's creamy, it's less than creamy but not dry. Grrrrr. Language barrier. 😂😂 Sorry). You just love eating it. Have you eaten boiled cassava before?

Thank you for dropping by @riverflows. I greatly appreciate it.

No I have never tried boiled cassava. Language can be frustrating but I think you have explained what you mean pretty well.

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Oh, I see. Cassava chips lasts long. But boiled cassava spoils fast, so its never exported. Hehehe. Thank you for understanding my English. Have a pleasant day. 😊

Wow! That is a huge one! I've only ever seen them in the international markets here, but apparently cassava flour is becoming more popular in certain items as a gluten-free option here. I'm sure it is so much better fresh like that! A tasty snack I'm sure!

Yes, fresh are always better and tastier. Does cassava grows in your place during summers? Yes, we sometimes use cassava flour as an alternative too. I'm surprised that it is also popular there. 😊 That's great!

I don't think we can grow it here, but our neighbors to the South can I believe! I think I am pretty lucky in my city that it is big enough that we have a lot of variety in products that we can find. We have a large international airport that brings people from all over the world, which means there is a demand for it. :)

Oh, that's good to know. Root crops, like cassava, are substitute to rice, which is Asian's staple meal. So, if there are lots of Asian in your place, then there will be a need. 😊

Thank you for your kind replies. 😊

Well, now I know what to do with this strange looking root that I keep seeing in our supermarket!!! LOL!!! Truly amazing! They look delicious! And your son is the most adorable supermodel 😍
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Hahaha! 😊 That's good to know that I have given you an idea. 😊😊

Oh yes! Thank you my Dear 😍


Wow haba nyan a 😯😯

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Opo, first time ko ring makakita ng ganun kahaba. Hahaha! 😂

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Wow! That is one long root! How did you manage to get it out of the ground in one piece? Glad you found a healthy snack that is simple to make and that your son likes! Thanks for sharing!

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We just pulled up the cassava plant and when we noticed that it is long, we help it out through digging around the root so that it will not be cut into two. 😊 We're so glad we did, we took it out in one piece.

Thank you @porters and @naturalmedicine team for all the support.

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