#fruitsandveggiesmonday: “Lets Get Vegan Cucumber Sushi Rolling!”

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Welcome to:

Hello Steemians!

How was your weekend? I’m supposed to order sushis from our favorite Japanese restaurant yesterday to satisfy my sushi craving but it’s close for renovation. I love sushis but the making process is sometimes time consuming so I decided that it’s experiment time in the kitchen.

I use the cucumber instead of rice and seaweed which are not currently available in my kitchen. It’s fun and super easy to make. It’s vegan and gluten-free too! Just deseed the cucumbers to create a tube then soak into a bowl with apple cidar, olive oil and salt then the stuffing fun begin!
This is my 1st ever entry for #fruitsandveggiesmonday , created by @lenasveganliving and hosted by @plantstoplanks. Checkout the competition details here and join the fun!

This is also my submission for qurator’s Tasty Tuesday.
So without further ado, lets get cucumber rolling!

Cuisine Asian| Vegetarian| Vegan| Ketogenic
Course: Snack| Appetizer|
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Making Time: 15 minutes
Serving: 1-2 persons

1 fresh english cucumber
1 avocado (cut into strips)
1 ripe mango (cut into strips)
1 carrot (cut into strips)
1 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. cidar vinegar
1 pinch of salt


  1. Wash and patdry the fruits and vege. Slice avocado and mango into strips using a sharp knife . Scratch the cucumber with a fork for more crunchiness and moist then halved.

  2. Gently remove the seeds of the cucumber by using a table spoon or melon baller and mix the deseeded part into the bowl with liquid ingredients.

  1. And for the fun part! Stuff with carrots and mango strips until center is filled.

  2. Cut the cucumbers into 1/2 inch thick. Serve and enjoy!

It’s taste crunchy, refreshing and nutritious!
I’ll surely gonna make this cucumber sushi again with different yum fillings!

Until next time!

All contents are mine unless stated otherwise.
Category: Food Photography
Camera: iPhone 7+
Setting: Portrait| color enhanced
Cool banners by @qurator

Have a joyful day Steemian!



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Looks so crisp and refreshing! What a great idea for some hot weather sushi. So happy to see you join us for the first time. We are always so pleased to have new people in the fruits and veggies family! I'm sure you will enjoy checking out some of the other entries for some more inspiration for future yummy creations. Just one little tip, the tag is #fruitsandveggiesmonday if you want to make sure others can find it. :)

Oopps, Thank you @plantstoplanks! Edited 👍🏻
I enjoyed reading your Wednesday walk farm day!
Nothing can beat a freshly harvested #fruitsandveggies 🍓🍐🍒♥️

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No worries! Just wanted to make sure everyone could find your post if they searched the tag. :) And thanks for dropping by my post! I'm so far behind on sharing after being busy this past week, but hopefully I'll get a chance to share my latest farmers market haul with you all, as well. So many good, fresh fruits and veggies around here right now!

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Voted as witness. 👍🏻

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Great stuff here Lady Joy and I think that I will stuff them with jam!
Good luck with the contest.

Sounds yumm!
Thanks dear papillon!

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Highly appreciated @priyanarc @bdcommunity.
Thanks for the support ♥️

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very creative, absolutely love it 🥑😉🥒

Yay, Thank you @lenasveganliving!


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Cheers 🥑😊🍓

Hello @joyrobinson that Cucumber are very well decorated. Looks Royal and delicious dish. thanks for share with us..

Thank you so much @priyanarc @bdcommunity!
Highly appreciated
More power!

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I am so happy I saw this post, and I am on it! I love this idea for such a colorful, flavorful, healthy snack and I can see making it for lunches and holding it in the fridge for a day or two.

Good for you to be so creative when your favorite place was closed. I put this post on my share2steem so I will have it on my blog now and it went out to twitter as well :)

Awesome! Looking forward to see your cucumber rollings @fitinfunfood!
Thank you for sharing! Followed you in Twitter.

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TY@joyrobinson! I am so late to my comments, but so happy we are connected now :)

What a brilliant idea @joyrobinson and welcome to FAVM, I'm so glad that I managed to lure you here without even knowing it ;)
Congratulations on your win, well deserved!

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More FAVM from me for sure!
Thank you

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Congrats on winning #fruitsandveggiesmonday

Looking forward to your next entry, next week 😊

For sure! Thanks dear Kitchen fairy 🧚‍♀️

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A creative recipe, girl! Congrats

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