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Well it has been getting warm around here, and some of the trees have started to sprout their new branches leaves. Meaning that the new flowers will be right around the corner. So there is a abundance of fruit that needs to be picked and juiced. Only problem is that I have no more room. I have juiced about 4 boxes of fruit already, and have about 5 gallons of tangelo juice in the freezer. We are drinking as much as we can, but don't want to go to far as the acid will affect our stomach. But I still have 3 boxes to go... so juice will be served at lunch and dinner as well. Types-of-Citrus-Fruits-1-27-4.webp



Oh man! How absolutely blessed you are to have such an abundance of home grown fruit at your disposal!!! Send some this way man... these "townie" gardens don't facilitate such hahaha!

It is nice, but man a lot of work with a little juicer. You need to get some land or start a roof top garden. Hobbit up your area.

You need an industrial sized juicer lol. and yes... I do!