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Hive can be a bit new and confusing for anyone with semi-retarded tech geek skills. I started out lurking around on Steemit in 2016, but even so I still had a couple of questions I've been wanting to ask about how to do stuff on Hive that I used to be able to do on Steemit.

And then this amazing post fell into my lap. (thanks @intuitiveart) It was too late for me to repost it, but I would like it on my timeline, so I'm just going to post a link to it:

It's called the Hive Survival Guide Fifth Edition by @jacobpeacock - it's brilliant, and brings together everything in one place, but the post only paid $1.04 - it's deserves medals and things, but payouts are tight these days...

Back in the early days of Steemit this post earned $1109 - some selfies of a half naked guy showing off his beer gut :) -

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Hey thanks @frot! The Hive Survival Guide is a labor of love and none of the previous versions earned many rewards either. I am just glad that folks find it so helpful! It is really hard to keep up with all the new developer projects on the Hive Blockchain but I try to squeeze as much new stuff into each version as I can. It is funny because as soon as I publish one version I have to begin immediately working on the next version or else I just cannot keep up!

It's great - thanks for all your hard work - following you now, and hopefully one day you will get the rewards you deserve! - Maybe post some selfies on your next one...




LOL!!!! that is hilarious that that ridiculous post made $1109 and this amazing post made $1.09 - just shows.

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My post about a post has made more than the original post now! (I gave him a tip to make up for it)

What's the most you have ever made on a post? - I scored $400 once, but some of my all time best posts made less than $1


lol!!! I think I made 550 on a post in the early days of steemit!

For about a year there I thought I was going to get rich quick one day before it dawned on me that all those big payouts were just PR stage one and they wouldn't be coming back


wow I did not realize that - some people did get rich quick though - like @onceuponatime - she went from rags to riches because she was the first artist on there and she maintained her following and made thousands of dollars - she helped me when I first got on there but I could not get what she had gotten. At some point she fell of the planet though - not sure what happened.

Hahahah, You just made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I Scrolled down and there I was all bloated to the core! Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



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The thing is, Brian knew how to present himself!


It's actually a really cool post that one!


I thought I would give you some material lol.

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It'a all Mr E's fault - he got me looking - all his vids were deleted from yootube years ago but they are being uploaded back onto Bitchute now!


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I went ahead and reposted THIS article.
The survival guid is excellent but the rabbit hole should start Here!

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