What's going on socially at SoMee?

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20191114-1 somee joel erin post url directly.png

So when I open a link-url directly, like this one (see picture) ..


.. I could neither see the estimated rewards that are coming in for anybody involved nor see where I posted it.*

Thankfully Joel commented on my post, so I could easily open up his timeline again. However, being it a week or even a day ago it could already be hard to be found, depending on the frequency people are posting to this "location" a.k.a. group or timeline.

20191114-2 somee post at joels timeline.png

And as you can see in the second picture, there actually has been some reward for the very first upvote. As you can see in picture one again, it came from Erin (it's in the notifications list).

Just as a side note: If you are new to SoMee, like Joel and Erin, make sure to consider the time frame your upvote needs to be in, for being of any value, other than the classical "like" that is timeless. SoMee is coming from a Steem source code, and back in the days any posting had to have a minimum age of 15 minutes and a maximum of 7 days. (In the meantime the minimum had changed when it comes to Steem a.k.a. Steemit. Yet not with SoMee to my knowledge.) And the earlier you upvote, the higher your curation reward is going to be - in comparison to any other curator coming after you. 25 % of the rewards is going to be split between the curators. (Today with Steem it is 50 % as I write this.)

Here is Joel's timeline for you to visit. Give him your recognition, please!


And before you upvote, please make sure your upvote is going to be calculated. To my best knowledge it is a red flag if you already see there's an upvote to a posting but still zero reward when you opened a posting directly (just like you see in the first picture). And how can you find a particular posting without a link a.k.a. url?! (Uniform Resource Locator) So make sure to visit the postings "location"* either BEFORE you upvote or afterwards, just to check what's going on there. SoMee is sure to be improved upon. So keep going!

Here's another posing I have done on this topic yesterday


And thanks to Erin for being involved at the right time. You've been the first to honor my suggestion to Joel out of a very, very, very busy community winkwink. Please give Erin your recognition as well!


(*) And last not least, having no clue on where some posting has gonna be made, from the SoMee beta user frontend alone, I recommend to add some kind of footer, like I do it here. Because you don't want to miss the good stuff that is gonna be found there, right?

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The posting has been for SoMee originally, see


So again, why not recognizing what I'm doing here myself at first?! Yet I hope to be more involved with what you are doing, so I come to your post right in time for giving it as well a nice little @tipu curate