ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 100: ZapFic Celebration

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ZapFic Celebration

One hundred ZapFic weeks
Celebrated by writing geeks.
The morning alarm was put on snooze,
Head pounding, too much booze.
Paused a bit before Zapping another Fic,
Need to make the story tick
To please the creator;
A master litterateur.

Congratulations on 100 Weeks of ZapFic!

This is my entry for the ZapFic writing contest for Week 100 using the prompt: alarm. ZapFic is a very short story that is written in 240 characters or less using the weekly prompt. This fun writing contest was created by To find how how you can enter, please go here.

Are you looking for another caring community where your creativity and imagination can run wild? A place where you have the opportunity to win prizes for your participation? Are you looking for support or for a place that you would like to support? Then head on over to the Freewrite House and have some fun.



Oh bless you @whatisnew! Thank you for the lovely zapfic and the SBI! :)

My pleasure! Thank you for hosting this fun contest that I look forward to each week. : )

Lol! Another great one Butterfly, very creative writing indeed and I know this isn't about you because you don't drink!

Thanks Jonboy! You are isn't about me. ZapFic has come to an end and I am sure going to miss this contest. How are you? Stay home so you can stay well my friend. : )

And you are so darn good at writing these so they will miss you! I'm not worried about some little virus but I spend most of my time at home anyway. Mrs. J can't because for some reason the inmates can't take care of themselves. lol.

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