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Photo by me @whatisnew


This scenery grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I was driving and had to pull over to the side of the road to take some photos and admired it for at least 1/2 hour. I look at this photo almost every day because I am so drawn to it but I can't put into words why I like it so much, which is probably the reason why I can't even put a title to it. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I wonder why I can't even think of one.

Speaking of words...I have been dealing with several doctors for the past two months and they talk to me in the language of doctors. How do they expect me to understand them? "Hello? I am not a fellow doctor, I am your patient and I don't have a clue what you are saying to me, so please talk to me in laymen's terms." Is it just me or have you had this same experience with the doctors you have seen?

This is my 5 Minute Freewrite for Day 873: Wednesday-Prompt: words; initiated by @mariannewest.

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My goodness what a gorgeous photograph ❤ @whatisnew!!
I've heard it said that doctors only ''practice'' medicine! ;-)
Hope all is well my friend! Been awhile since yacking!

Hi @shasta! It is good to know that you like it too. I just wish I could put my finger on it as to why it means so much to me. I had to look at it for another 1/2 hour before posting.
Hmm, doctors only practice medicine? That would explain it. I feel like I am just a number to them.
It has been way too long since yacking. I haven't been posting very much and haven't been in the mood to do anything. It was so nice to see you again, my good friend and thanks for your concern. Hope all is well with you.

Could it be somewhere you or someone close to you lived?
There was a place I would always look at when passing by and
mentioned it to my mom one day (years ago) and she said we'd
lived there when I was real little!
That medical stuff can be real nuts, tried to get something
found out but they all seem to be baffled like the scientist!
I say baffled because they have said that a lot in news stories! lol
I would have to stay at a holiday inn to have any suggestions! :-)
Mood is a tough one right now with so much going on! ❤

That is a crazy story about your house you lived in when you were little. I think you helped me...I would love to live there right now (the place in the photo). Of course there would be a large vegetable garden and a large flower garden. Thanks for your help @shasta. : )
Baffled is the right word. I hear, "it could be this, it could be that." AARRGGGHHHHH!

That's a great photo @whatisnew, it looks like a painting. Here's today's challenging prompt.


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It does look like a painting, doesn't it? Thanks for the prompt delivery Bruni! : )

My husband painted a stone cottage into his landscape of a poppy field. Originally it was a white barn, then a red barn, but only the stone cottage felt right. Tried to snap a photo just now but the reflections get in the way.


What a beautiful painting and I can see why that the stone cottage was a perfect fit. Tell your husband that I would love to live there. : )

Who wouldn't love that view and that stone cottage...
I'm loving all the internet memes for painters, writers, crafts-fanatics - quarantine should get us to start using all those art supplies (and story ideas) we were saving for a rainy day.
Maybe that lonely cottage tugs your heartstrings because you somehow intuited that quarantine was coming, and that'd be an awesome looking place to spend it!

You know what? I think you are right. I usually do know when something is coming before it happens. I have also been going through a lot of medical problems for many moths and I just want to be alone in my own little world now. This would be a perfect place for me right now.

I believe you - being intuitive, having foresight - and I'm sorry you've been under the weather. Wishing you a cozy stone cottage somewhere in your future!!

Such a beautiful photo and I can understand that it draws you in. It does the same for me.
As for Doctors - they have no lessons in "normal speak" and many have terrible people manners.

Hi Marianne! It is nice to know that this photo does the same for you and that I am not losing my mind. LOL! Bruni said that it looked like a painting and I agree with him.
I agree with you about Doctors. They don't have any bedside manners like the old days and they rush you. One told me that he could only spend 15 minutes with each patient and that I would have to make another appointment. Did I do that? Hell no!

Cozy stone cottage nestled in a meadow, tall grasses (er, goldenrod!) blowing in the foreground, sheltering trees in the background - it's universal in its appeal! - a hermitage, a pioneer's home on the prairie, a fortress against time. If this one place pulls you back, calls to you, it's special in ways that transcend our conscious knowing. There's de ja vous and ancestral memory (Jung) or the collective unconscious; there's reincarnation to consider as well, though I discredit that concept. I have the same kind of feeling about cliff dwellings and caves. I could swear I was a dog in a den, in some former life. :) The one time I ever saw Wyoming, I felt "I'm home!" as we crossed into the eastern border on our way to Cheyenne. I'd never been there before but it felt so familiar. Maybe we read a book that brought these places to life for us. Fairy tales. Pictures that storm inside our heads. It's an awesome photo, and I wonder if you should go see if this stone cottage might be for sale. :) Your name may be all over it, so to speak! #loveit

The title of this curated anthology - pictures that storm inside my head - comes from Dave Etter's poem, "From a Nineteenth-Century Kansas Painter's Notebook".

The one thing that I love about you is that you are never at a loss for words. I now know that I would love to live there. Interesting about how you felt like you were home in Wyoming even though you have never been there before.

you're too sweet!
I suspect The Wyoming Effect had something to do with all the Westerns I've read. Except I read mostly Zane Grey, whose setting were mostly Arizona desert. Something about the vast rolling plains of the West felt so familiar. Good writers of historical fiction do a lot to infict upon us a sense of de ja vous when we visit places they've described - cobblestone streets, stucco houses, tiled roofs, candles behind window glass warped with age - reading Dickens must have made it seem like we were really there, so what we pictured in our imaginations as we read may get confused with memory.

I'm thinking someone else already wrote about this so I won't have to, but my internet searches haven't produced a hit so far.

Instead of past lives to explain de ja vous, surely we can credit good writers...

Hello, dear friend,
First of all, I love that picture. If you only knew how much it looks like an old shack I used to visit with my siblings when I was a child. We always used to wonder who might have found refuge there. Our shack didn't have a second story. Was just one large room, in a windowless, doorless structure.

Now, about your doctor issue. Please forgive me for being presumptuous, but I'm really good at research. I'm like a dog with a bone once I get an idea in my head. If you want me to look up stuff and try to translate, I'd love to try. Years ago I wrote a book about lupus, where I did just that. A lot of people found comfort in that book. (Some people didn't like it, too ha ha). I am sorry you have health issues. We feel so defenseless when our bodies betray us. Hope the problems goes away, soon.
With great affection and hugs,

Hi AG! What a small world and it seems like our paths keep crossing. Please tell me that "your shack" wasn't what you lived in.

My dear have no idea how much I appreciate you wanting to help me but there are so many layers with my health problems and I don't want you to be consumed with them. I am also weaning off of a couple of my meds and will be replacing them with new ones. I am just so tired of dealing with all of this. I would have to write a book of my own just to explain everything that is going on and I don't have the energy. I am also dealing with S.A.D. and I can't wait for sunny warm weather. My independence is gone now too which doesn't help. My car died and it isn't worth the cost of repairs. My son can't get here for another 2 months to see if he can fix it.
What is important for you and me at this moment is that we stay healthy and get through this virus.
Thanks so much dear AG! You have warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Stay well. Big HUGS!

Howdy Butterfly! Oh, that's a wonderful scene you found. What a nice little home in a peaceful setting. I can see you in a place like that surrounded by nature even though you're a city girl! lol.

Hi Jonboy! That is exactly where I want to be right now. Good-bye city girl!

Really? Wow that is a radical change. I really hope you can make that change though, if that's what you want!