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Yay! It’s the weekend!!! So that can really only mean ONE THING!!

It’s time for the #weekendfreewrite!

Each week @mariannewest gives three #freewrite prompts and you have to write for five minutes using each prompt - but no cheating and looking at the next prompt UNTIL you have finished with the first one!

You can find this week’s first prompt here:

The dude grinned again and passed back the Bud.

"Nice Bud," he said. "But I still ain't doing it."

"Come on," I said, the desperate whine in my voice making me wince. "I just need to to take the Bud into the Office. Just drop it on the floor. That is all." In my hand, the Bud wriggled. I slipped him into a small matchbox and slid it closed. I tried to hand the box to the dude.

"I ain't doin' it," the dude said, shaking his head. "Too risky. Those Bud bots are small but easily detected..." he leered at me. "If you have the right equipment. And believe me, the boys in the Office. They have the right equipment."

I pulled out my pad and waved some credits over to his. He blinked as he looked at the screen and for a moment I thought he might go for it.

"Nah," he said, shaking them back to me. "Too risky." Did he want me to raise the stakes further, I wondered.

"What about this?"

This time when the dude looked at the screen he almost dropped the pad with surprise.

The other day, I called my two kids over to my laptop. They had never seen a computer with a keyboard before so they were stuck at what to do with it. But it didn't take them long to get the hang of it.

Kids have always been able to pick up new technology quickly. Even when it was old technology.

The guy I'd bought the Bud off had left it unprogrammed. Which is how I had wanted it, but turns out it was more difficult to link to than I imagined. The Pads - at least the ones Norms like me can get our hands on - are blocked from dealing with Bud bots. But my old laptop - upgraded of course - would be able to link. My kids took two hours to get the Bud programmed.

I watched the dude slip the matchbox containing the Bud and walk over to the Office. The guard on the door looked up at his approach. They must have known each other because I watched them perform some elaborate hand gestures that didn't quite qualify as a shake but was obviously coordinated.

I resisted looking at my Pad.

The greeting between the dude and the guard ended and they parted company, the dude being waved into through the door.

Into the Office.

I imagined the dude walking up to the counter and informing the uniformed "Welcome Officer" what he was doing here.

"A delivery for Mr Peaks," he might say.

"Just leave it here," the jobsworth would say.

The dude would shake his head.

"I got to drop it into his hands. If it were up to me, I'd leave it with you... but I need this job."

And the "Welcome Officer" would think about it and then pick up the communicator and talk to Peaks.

Peaks was a lazy fat fuck and there was no way he was getting off his lardy arse.

He'd instruct the "Welcome Officer" to "show the young man in." And the dude would go through the detector machine, be shown into Peaks office and casually drop the Bud on the floor. Then it would be up to the Bud to make it's way to its new host.

I held the Pad in my sweaty hands and waited for the dude to come back out.


As usual, I used themostdangerouswritingapp.com to write each five-minute freewrite (and then tidied it up a bit in google docs afterward):

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Screenshot 20200315 at 11.38.48.png

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