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Darkened, my reasoning had become so cold that I could see that I was losing my true self in the process and had gained a shadow in my eyes. I never imagined that hatred would be so bitter and toxic.

I saw Andy so helpless from my reserved front-row seat and no longer enjoyed it, I felt that something had frozen inside of me. A rebellious winter was hijacking my soul because this vile act I would celebrate like good. If I did not reverse this, I would lose my essence.

"Your soul for a coffee mug" - I thought I heard through the cracks in my altered mind. I imagined an evil entity that was moving me to lose what little innocence was left inside me.

(End of five minutes)

A hot coffee mug would really ease my soul and the pressure of my vengeful instinct. But how can I return good for evil? I was ready to give up?

A trail of light moved across the stage in the conference room. It was as if an angel and a demon were fighting for a soul: mine!


By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


In response to the @mariannawest Day 807: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: Coffee mug. If you're interested, find out here



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Game-light by Victoria_Borodinova
Angel by darksouls1

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Cuán dificil es manejar los sentimientos encontrados. El bien y el mal, el amor y el odio, el perdón y la venganza.

The duality that accompanies us sometimes makes our mind wobble and makes us reflect on instinctive behaviors that should be checked in cold blood. Passion is like a wolf that nests good and evil, the wolf that we feed the most is the one that will prevail.

Interesting... keep it up!

Thank you, @alixander!