Day 482: 5 Minute Freewrite: No Shoes Needed

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Photo by me @whatisnew

No Shoes Needed

Every summer without fail,
She walks barefoot to get the mail.
The sidewalk is the hot spot,
Her prances turn into a fast trot.

Every summer without fail,
Gail has another broken toenail.
The lawn filled with stones and prickly weeds,
Her foot trickles with red lines and beads.

Every summer without fail,
Twenty-four stitches more, Gail turns pale.
She is in pain but has no frets,
Still walking barefoot as the sun sets.

Every summer without fail,
Her homeland, she tells another tale.
"I am from Africa!" Gail says with pride,
"No shoes needed." She smiles wide.

Day 482: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge initiated by @mariannewest. Wednesday prompt: broken toenail and hot spot

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Excellent poetry! I loved the final line. Well done!

Thanks so much Janelle! It is half true. My neighbor is from Africa and never wears shoes during the summer. I repeatedly tell her to put shoes on so she won;t get hurt and she smiles and says, "I am from Africa!" She ends up cutting her feet but never needs stitches. She has the most beautiful accent. : )

I remember the days when I went Barefoot at myself and they were tough. Nowadays my feet are so soft that I could never do this! This is delightful.

I remember those days very well but I can't say that my feet are soft now and I will never get a pedicure. So it might take me a while. Thanks again!

But then one day there came a gale
it blew and blustered dislodging a nail
which flew thru the air
hitting Gail in the foot
giving her quite the nasty cut

Off to hospital she ran in a state
but alas alack she was too late
gangrene was found in her small and big toe
No treatment was possible, the foot had to go.

So people please listen and take my advice
always wear shoes or you'll pay the price

HaHa! Good one! I love your add-ons (we-writes) even when they have sad endings. You are so much fun partner! LOL!

Right back at ya! After all, without a beginning there could be no howz that for philosophical?

HaHa! Duh! Thanks for another laugh. : )

Hey partner. I'm bottoms up on this very quiet freewrite day. We should have it polished off in 10 minutes;)
C U there.

Hi Hun! Sounds good to me. See ya in Freewrite Land. : )

Hey Partner! Next Wednesday is Christmas Day and I will be spending time with my family, so I won't be able to help with the prompt deliveries. I really don't think that it is expected of us on that special day. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas Hun! Hugs!

Hi sweetie, I think we just might be allowed the day off since we've been so good all year. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours... and a picture of my Christmas tree for your viewing pleasure:)

IMG_20171222_210653066(1) (1).jpg

What a cute little tree! Enjoy! Hugs!

lol you left a poem on one of my posts about walking barefoot. I see you care deeply about this, and it moves you to write poetry.

Oh crikey, did I? I've got to stop repeating myself.
Actually I hope it wasn't the same one. I have quite the collection of doggerel to suit every occasion and body part which I just cut and paste quick smart. Saves me the bother of actually writing anything.

No it wasn't!!! lol

Well done winning the 31 sentences contest. Well deserved. I did finish a story but it was utter drivel. I'm making another attempt for this week so listen, don't enter will ya, so I at least have a chance.

lol I need a break from that baby! I feel honored that you consider me to be heavy competition.
I already told @tristancarax I am out for this week, and I don't even know what the prompt is. Right now I'm working on a nice short haiku, that still somehow takes me hours and hours to write, but it's relaxing time.
Good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

😂 😂

I just love these 'duels'.

Hahaha, me too. There's such fun to be had in the comments section....En Garde!

I am not so verbally nimble, but in homage to the wit on display, I've made a silly GIF for you and @whatisnew

swords opposing1agif.gif

This is perfect! You are dexterity itself. I'm certain I can speak for both myself and my sparring partner when I say that this is the most wonderful GIF anyone has ever made for us.

High praise, from a master

A poem!! And I can see Gail in my mind :)

Yay! You can see Gail! : )

I love this! There is so much positivity in the poem and I just couldn't help but smile at the last verse.

Thanks so much @marblely! I am happy that you smiled. Thanks for reading! : )

Love your poem freewrite!

Thank you and thanks for reading ! : )

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Thanks Bruni and thanks so much for the trdo! Hugs! And of course, thanks for the prompt delivery. : )

Very nice! I tried to walk barefoot for a while there and here I am four months later still paying for it. I am from New York.

Ouch! 4 months later? That doesn't sound good. I sure hope it doesn't take another 4 months. Thanks for your kind words and for reading @owasco! : )

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Thank you!

Wow Butterfly, brilliant job of working those prompts in! Dang, that takes talent!

To sir with love...Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs!

My pleasure, you earned it!

How do you do that? I can't.

Once I wrote a ditty about my toe for my writing group...after I'd had a mole removed (foolish woman!) Those three verses took a long time.

I just love yours.

A thing of beauty is my toe
No more is it a source of woe
But not that very long ago
My great toe did hurt me so.

The wound was small, as these things go,
Though with a toe, small things grow
Until, like an avalanche of snow
The toe became a hell below

Now my toe treks to and fro
Supports my weight wherever I go
Hence here I stand to proudly crow
Behold the wonder of my toe.

Thanks @agmoore! Your "My Toe" is a good one and the last stanza made me smile. : )
To answer your question, I find it easier to tell a story when I rhyme so sometimes it just pops out as a "ditty." And, the only time I have any imagination is when I rhyme. I used to love to tell nursery rhymes to my 2 kids when they were young and made up many of my own verses to make them less boring after reading them hundreds of times. LOL!