Would You Please Be Mine?

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This is a letter to a quiet soul sleeping in my west
One that made my stubborn self its quest.

The first time you said hi
I secretly wondered why
A soul of your caliber would be moved by mine
Your smooth transition into my life
Left me sure
You would bring down a few tall walls
Keeping most of the society out
Boundaries I had worked tirelessly on for years
Caging myself through my own sweat and tears
Only to fall without a sound at your feet.

This is a reflection of my now crazed thoughts
The magic of what I see
When I peer through my usually darkened mirrors
A fantasy carved out of my day dreams
The what I want and how I want it
Blended with desires making my nerves scream.

I see your arms rushing to join behind my waist
My eyes getting lost in yours for a minute
Curious of how they dance in joy
While secretly plying on how to make you coy
I see our starving lips gathering too close
I see them moving to close the gap between them
In a matched haste
Consuming each other in a choreographed sensual spin
Spilling the feels accumulated within.

I see the constant pressure
Questionably piling in from every corner
I see fingers pointing
And tongues overworking behind our backs
But my heart is full and stacked
Where yours was packed
And in return
I am requesting to keep yours
As you find mine a cure
All I really want to ask is
Won't you please stay with me?
Would you please be mine?


Taken a few weeks back...

Wambuku W.

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At the end of the day, we created walls for people who can't break it... But the walls collapses at the feet of those we created it to protect us from.

Woman this is fabulous. I love it.

The complex language describes what is the easiest thing in the world to do, and that last simple line brings it all home. It wouldn't have worked without the set up though. I love what you've done here.

I am on a journey to spill whatever this has harboured within. Thank you for motivating me to stay besides my pens and write whatever is there.