Everything We Are... #Romance

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It is in when you look at me
When you stare at me
I mean
It is in when you stand too close
When you bring me a rose
Regardless of how long it's been
I mean
It is in how you take my hands in yours
When your touch makes my heart race
And I can trace your desire on your face.

It is when you take my lips
When you fight them with yours
It is in the moment
Passion takes over the both of us
When need becomes fire
Blazing down our boundaries
To taking away each other breaths.

It is the hunger in my depths
That only responds to your sensual call
I mean
Your disarming touch
When it grinds down my nude length
Loving hidden scars
Softly carressing my shame
Teasing everything that I am.

It is in the softness of your voice
When you address me
While you undress me
I mean
When we can no longer contain our hands
Our burning bodies
I definitely mean
When you tame my unsettled seas
While staring through what sees
As my love for you lies between
Everything we are.

PSX-20200307-122351.jpg edited deeptuts.

Some mushy feels for the weekend. Share your thoughts... I should pen a serious erotica piece soon just because I can and I miss it. Yes?


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