5 Minute Freewrite - Zoo

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Here's the prompt!


To be honest, I just want to blarg words out. I didn't really need a prompt. Just an excuse. But the prompt is zoo, so maybe I should try to focus around that. I just feel so scattered. That has nothing to do with zoos. But everything feels hard. And the weather is so dry. I dreamt that my skin was cracking, and in real life it kind of is. Not like my dream, but it feels rough. Itchy in many places. Parched. My body is parched by the dry weather just like the land. I have a hard time loving it in Los Angeles when the weather is especially dry. And today and yesterday feel like harbingers of the heat yet to come this year. I mean, it's only March. We ain't seen nothing yet.

It took me a little while to really fall in love with Los Angeles. Now I do love it, but my love feels challenged. 1, by the weather, which has been getting dryer and hotter pretty much every year that we've lived here. 2, by the pandemic. We've avoided public transportation and going places where there will be lots of people, and I feel like I've just missed out on an entire year of enjoying my city. Blargety blarg. Like an animal in a zoo, I'm caged in our apartment. There we go, hit the prompt.


I hear you. My garden saved my sanity - that is for sure.
And the weather is changing and not for the better...
I am in Arizona with Mike - we hadn't seen each other for almost 8 month due to not wanting to travel with Covid around.
Made me think of our trip and how much fun that was.
Hope to see you soon again :)

I just looked at some of your recent posts and saw you were in Arizona! Nice! I can't wait to travel again, we are planning to visit Wisconsin via road trip in October. We will hopefully both be fully vaccinated by the end of May/early June.

It looks beautiful in Arizona. Is he still in the same house where we stayed?

Yes, still the same house :)

Cool. That was such a good trip with you!

It really was!! In so many ways :)

Ahhh @stinawog, I feel for you and feel that frustration. It's no easy thing we endure and isolation and suppression are squeezing us all. Sending prayers for encouragement and a little refreshment to arrive soon. My skin feels like crepe and I'm old, but not that old. I picked up a tub of non oily body cream that I purchased at the nail salon Saturday because I was impressed with how nice it felt when she put it on my hands. $15 I consider well spent.

Absolutely. When you find a good skin quenching moisturizer, it is worth it! Thank you for your kind words!

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