5 Minute Freewrite: vertical antenna

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Vertical antenna. That's doing nothing for me. What, like rabbit ears? Rabbit ears can be floppy or straight up. There are lots of bunnies in animated series. I never was much of one for cartoons, at least as an adult. At least, that's what I used to tell myself. Oh, but what it really was was that I don't really like animation for adults. I always liked kids stuff. I got into Arthur as a teenager and I assume I still like it. It's more, I never loved the Simpsons, I hate Family Guy, I don't much like American Dad. I did like King of the Hill, though. That one had heart. I like heart. I hear Bojack Horseman is good but I find the animation creepy. Anyway, I'm glad I like Masha and the Bear. It hasn't really gotten old yet. There is that one episode that has kind of a racist depiction of a Masha that is supposed to be Native American. Booba has a problematic episode, too, where he dresses up in a feather headdress. There is a fascination with Cowboys and Indians in Europe, we learned when we were living in Germany in 2009. But they only really see this romanticized, Hollywood, false version of history, when in reality it was genocide.


You also like Bob's Burgers.

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